17D Phase 1 venturer allocations are in and they’re off…

14th February 2017

There were cheers of excitement and happiness at the WAMO training centre on Sunday morning as the venturers were told their allocations for phase 1. The next 2 days were busy as everyone got together in their Alpha groups to find out more about the projects, communities and partners they will be working with. Training also continued until all groups were set and ready to go. Read on to see which groups the venturers were allocated to…

Phase 1 Allocations

The Volunteer Managers (VMs) thought up a great game to make it a little more challenging for the venturers to discover what group they had been allocated to. A picture of each venturer was scattered around the grounds. Once they had found their picture they had to match the animal written on the back with their VMs, who were busy acting out their best animal impersonations!

The remaining time at WAMO was then spent with everyone in their Alpha groups getting to know each other and finishing off the last training sessions on Village Life, Leadership and Sustainable Development. On the last night, everyone was then busy packing all of their kit ready to set off bright and early.

So without further ado your 17D Phase 1 Alpha Groups are below:

Alpha 1 – Youth Leadership Trek (Southern Highlands, Iringa Region)

VMs – Gerald, Nick and Expedition Medic Kate

Venturers and Volunteer Mangers from Alpha 1

Front (left to right) Selemani, Gerald, Anna, Anne, Sarah, Amina, Kate. Back (left to right) Tamsin, Nick, Issa, Percy, Raymond, Max, Philipo


What the venturers will be doing on phase 1

Alpha 1 will be setting off on a 19-day trek through the Southern Highlands of Iringa. They will learn how to be self-sufficient and will be camping under the stars each night. Supported by Leons, our trek guide and the VMs, the group will learn navigation and camp craft skills as well as learning about local wildlife and issues facing the local communities through which they trek.

Alpha 2 – SWASH (Chimlata Village, Dodoma Region)

VMs: Ryan and Stafford

Venturers and Volunteer Mangers from Alpha 2
Front (left to right) Martha, Anne, Ciara, Othman, Kelvin, Caroline, Rose. Back (left to right) Ryan, Eleanore, Mike, Max, Anthony, Stafford, Chun ho

What the venturers will be doing on phase 1

During this phase the venturers will join the community to continue with the excavation of the pit for the latrine block whilst starting the big job of making 5000 bricks ready for the structure. Alongside this they will also run SWASH awareness raising sessions in the local school and within the community. If there is time the foundations for the structure will also be laid ready for the arrival of Alpha 2 phase 2.

Alpha 3 – NRM (Ihanu Village, Iringa District)

VMs – Victoria, Beth and Adam

Venturers and Volunteer Mangers from Alpha 3.
Front (left to right) Victoria, Sam, Mandela, Becky, Charlotte, Honesta, Beth, Yassin. Back (left to right) Ben, Lutufyo, Maria, Abdul, Zhibin

What the venturers will be doing on phase 1

During phase 1 the venturers will be working with the community of Ihanu village and project partner TFCG (Tanzania Forest Conservation Group) to prepare the land for the tree nursery. Building of the tree nursery will begin and the first of the 100,000 seeds will be sown! The team will also spend time at Ihanu primary school and run Action days in the village to raise awareness of issues related to sustainable natural resource management.

And they’re off…

Alpha’s 2 and 3 are officially on route to their project sites. They were all up bright and early this morning and excited for the safari (journey) ahead. After loading all of their kit they set off at 7.30am. Alpha 2 should arrive at Chimlata at midday, Alpha 3 has a longer journey so will stay in Mafinga tonight before heading to Ihanu tomorrow morning. Whilst they are enjoying the beautiful scenery Tanzania has to offer Alpha 1 will be busy organising all of the kit including rationing their food ready for the 19-day trek. They will be packed and ready to go first thing tomorrow!

From now on you will be hearing from your venturers and what they have been up to on project. They will be telling their stories, relaying project updates  and representing the community they are working with through the blog posts. You may still hear from me time to time!

If you’d like to contact a venturer whilst they are on project, please use the form provided here. We will try and deliver your messages as soon as possible but it may not be until the first changeover (7th March).

Written by Marie. Photos by Harry.

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