5 Week Venturers Reflect on Lessons Learned on Trek

5th August 2017

Five week expedition has ended and the venturers and volunteers managers have all returned home. The two teams ended their time in Tanzania by completing a five day hike around the Southern Highlands of Iringa. Venturers tell us what they learned during trek, what they found challenging and what surprised them the most.

New Experiences

Trek can be a challenge for many venturers who are not used to hiking or sleeping outdoors in tents. Tanzanian venturer Fabiola said the things that surprised her the most was sleeping in a tent:

“It was my first time ever sleeping in a tent, so I did not know what to expect. It was challenging as at first I thought I would not be able to breath once it was closed. However, I quickly learned I would be fine and actually found it really comfortable! I wish I could sleep in a tent more it was so enjoyable.”

New Zealand venturer James was apprehensive about trek before his team embarked, however it ended up being one of his favourite parts of expedition:

“I was nervous about trek and ended up absolutely loving it, My favourite part was all the places we stopped to set up camp.”

Team Work

Working together as a team is a key aspect of trek. Not all venturers will be able to walk at the same pace and it can take time for the group to become cohesive. For Alix, a venturer from Belgium, the most challenging aspect of trek was getting the team to work together:

“We did not all have the same level of fitness or experience in hiking, so at the beginning it was really hard to work together. By the second or third day however, we understood each others pace and were able to walk together as a group.”


Protecting the Environment

Pasua, from Tanzania really enjoyed trek and commented:

“During trek I learned more about protecting the environment. We were hiking everyday through amazing landscapes. We did not burn any of our rubbish as we went along, but kept it and took it to be recycled at the end. This was a great reminder for me to be environmentally friendly at all times.”

End of Expedition

Following trek, the five week venturers joined together for a couple of days to debrief expedition, share their stories and say goodbye. There was lots of fun and games including a scavenger hunt and bonfire night. The venturers had time to reflect on their experience and what they will take away from Raleigh Tanzania expedition.

Deputy operations manager Holly judges Delta 2’s scavenger hunt items

Niamh from the UK said, “It’s an incredible experience and I met so many really amazing people.” Whilst Tanzanian venturer Oliverson commented, “It was an amazing opportunity to learn about life, it is good because you get the chance to teach sustainability to people.”

Oliverson says goodbye to Kabula

Uk venturer Oliver summed up the experience saying, “Expedition has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’ve probably got more out of the past five weeks than I have in my 22 years.”

Oliver saying goodbye to fellow venturer Stuart

Looking Forward to Phase Three

Although the five week venturers have now left, the seven and ten week venturers are still working on their projects in village. They will come together for phase two changeover on the 10th of August before embarking on their final phase.

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