The future is bright in Endagikot for Agnes

6th May 2016

Agnes, or Mama Zawadi as she is affectionately known, has lived in the community of Endagikot for her entire life. She lives here with her three daughters, the youngest of which is a pupil in the local primary school. As a host mother to a group of Raleigh volunteers, Agnes has seen first-hand the impact of Raleigh's work and welcomes the positive change that is coming to her community.

Agnes IMG_7365

Agnes is a busy woman who is active in many corners of community life.  At home she is the head of her family and spends a lot of time growing maize, beans, and rearing her livestock. While her priority is supporting her family, she is very involved in the community as the chairperson of the sub-village and the assistant chairperson of the women’s group.  Her role is crucial as she holds responsibility in deciding who is allocated loans in the village.  She is an enthusiastic and passionate member of her community, and has been irreplaceable to Raleigh due to her community knowledge and respectable position in Endagikot.

Agnes, along with many others in the community, are very excited about Raleigh’s presence in the town.  Many people in Endagikot have been affected by diarrhoeal illness and Agnes is happy that volunteers are tackling the lack of access to safe water and sanitation  in the community. Many community members have built tippy-taps after being spurred on by Raleigh’s ‘Action Report’ surveys, and Agnes’s own tippy-tap (which was built by the previous Raleigh Team) has proved to be invaluable.

She is also thrilled to see the completion of a new safe sanitation block. “This will be a huge benefit to all the students in the school, including my own daughter.  Many girls don’t attend school because there is a lack of facilities, but this new toilet block will give the girls more privacy which will in turn improve school attendance across the town”.

Raleigh volunteers build the new toilet block
Raleigh volunteers build the new toilet block in Endagikot

According to Agnes, one of the most important aspects of the work has been its influence on young people in Endagikot.  She said “The village youths in the community want to imitate the work of the Raleigh young people, especially now that they realise the value of working as an unpaid volunteer.  Many have now applied to join Raleigh as volunteers, which they would not have done had Raleigh not worked in the village”.

Agnes has high hopes for her community and is continuing to use her role to bring about a change in her community.   She has been inspired by the work of the volunteers that have stayed in her home, and she is now planning to help her women’s group to build their knowledge on entrepreneurship, health and nutrition, as she believes that ‘If you educate the woman you educate the community’.

She in confident that a positive change is coming to Endagikot and she is glad her daughters will reap the rewards of Raleigh’s work. She maintains that it is important for the community to stick together and work hard to bring about sustainable development – “without each other, we will never succeed”.

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