An Update from Nyamwezi

11th August 2017

Currently based in the village of Nyamwezi, Alpha 2 are working on a SWASH project (school water sanitation and hygiene), funded by Buildbase and Hirebase - both part of Grafton Merchanting GB Limited. The project includes the building of 18 latrines, a hand washing station and menstrual hygiene management room. The construction is complemented by SWASH lessons, equipping the school children with knowledge about good hygiene and sanitation, leading to long-term behavioural change in the community.

Words Alice. Photos Hilary.

Digging the foundations for the toilet block

The team in Nyamwezi has almost finished their second phase and the vital funding provided by Buildbase and Hirebase is supporting the work currently being completed in the village.

To date, the team has dug the excavation pit and almost completed construction of the septic tank, as well as starting the foundations for the toilet block. This cycle, the team will complete the superstructure by building the toilet block and menstrual hygiene management room. Next cycle, the team will construct a hand washing station as well as finishing the toilet block by laying plumbing, fitting the toilets, plastering, painting and adding doors. The work should be completed and handed over to the community in November.

When the project in Nyamwezi is complete, it will improve the community’s access to safe, sustainable water and sanitation for the children at Nane Nane Primary School. The new facilities being built will also allow girls to continue attending school following puberty, as girls often miss school due to the lack of adequate facilities available to them. The project in Nyamwezi also aims to improve sanitation practices at the school and in the wider community through SWASH lessons.

Lisa teaching a SWASH lesson

Siprian Francis Mpakumatimba, Head Teader of Nane Nane Primary School commented, “The project is vital for Nane Nane Primary School because we currently have 670 pupils and only 4 latrines in very bad condition. We are looking forward to the facilities opening and the positive impact they will have on the school community.”

Lisa and Nane Nane Primary School headteacher Mr Mpakumalimba

Neema Charles – Lyungu, Nyamwezi Village Executive Offier said: “I am pleased with the project as the school currently has very few toilets which is a problem. I would like to work with Raleigh Tanzania again, as the project will do so much for the school community and the needs we have.”

Recognising the fantastic opportunity for Hirebase and Buildbase employees to gain leadership and teamwork skills, eight employees aged between 17-24 will also be volunteering on the project in Nyamwezi. Joining the programme will offer employees Simon, Scarlett, Zac, Elliot, Rory, Josh, Max, and Connor increased cross-cultural understanding and allow them to get involved directly with the project by undertaking construction work and teaching SWASH lessons. The future potential of young employees at Buildbase and Hirebase will be developed and the programme will provide them with a unique learning opportunity.

Volunteer Nik works on the pump with volunteer manager Lewis

Mr Mpakumatimba spoke of the relationship between the community and the volunteers saying, “We are really enjoying having the Raleigh volunteers in our community. Working together, we will be able to change the facilities for the better.” Ms Charles said, “I am happy the volunteers are staying with local families, this has really helped them integrate and we are pleased they are here.”

Village Executive Officer Ms. Charles-Lyungu

When the work is completed Adrian Watts, Managing Director of Hirebase, and Katie Tinsley, CEO of Buildbase, will visit the village of Nyamwezi to see the facilities and understand the impact of the project on the community. Before the facilities are handed over, the volunteers will share knowledge on operation and maintenance, ensuring the village is equipped with information to maintain the facilities once Raleigh Tanzania has left Nyamwezi.

The volunteers are looking forward to completing phase two and the construction of the septic tank. During phase three the foundations and superstructure will be completed ready for the teams next cycle. 

Passing buckets of cement

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