Combatting deforestation with Team Isipi

6th December 2016

Trees are being cut down from the natural forests all over Tanzania at an alarming rate which is creating major issues with deforestation. Team Isipi is working to help locals battle this issue by both planting seedlings and building rocket stoves.

Villagers all depend on the use of firewood in their everyday lives. They require wood for cooking, sterilising water, and keeping warm. Due to the remoteness of the village of Isipi, the wood is constantly taken from their natural habitat without being replaced. This is contributing to a large amount of deforestation in and around the Isipi area.

An alternative source of fuel is gasoline, however, this is seen as too expensive as a supplement to firewood. Therefore, the majority of homes will be using firewood for fuel, especially in rural Tanzania. To combat this, we have started to build and educate the locals on the benefits of rocket stoves.

16P Team Isipi constructing a rocket stove
Team Isipi constructing a rocket stove

The use of fuel efficient stoves, or rocket stoves, in family homes are a more sustainable and less damaging way of using firewood. A rocket stove covers the open fire and therefore uses considerably less firewood as they are able to conserve heat for longer periods of time.

As well as this, you are able to have more than one pot on the stove at a time, resulting in decreased time needed for cooking meals. Additionally, they produce much less smoke than when cooking on open fires, which will reduce damage to health.

Rocket stoves are significantly simple to build and require only local resources, therefore, are very cost effective for villagers, and once built, last for long periods of time.

A rocket tove
A completed rocket stove

Since returning to Isipi for phase three, Mungeta Primary School have now taken it upon themselves to plant a tree nursery in the school. This shows that the teachers and students have taken everything they have been taught previously by Raleigh and put it into action in the school.

16P Team Isipi tree nursery
A tree nursery in Isipi

Additionally, the chairman of the ‘Tree Club’ in the school is in charge of ensuring the school maintain the tree nursery. The children will be raising awareness and spreading their knowledge to their parents and the rest of the community.

As Raleigh believes in the education of youth, and youth have the power to change the future, this has been the reason behind the success of being able to promote the importance of deforestation and fuel efficiency in Isipi.

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