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Eco-tourism is environmentally-responsible travel to natural areas, where visitors can appreciate nature whilst inflicting minimal impact on the environment. Eco-tourism also promotes conservation and education, making Horizontes Experimental the perfect destination for environmentalists.   

El ecoturismo es un viaje responsable con el medioambiente a las áreas naturales, donde los visitantes pueden apreciar la naturaleza a la vez que ejercen un impacto mínimo sobre el medio ambiente. El ecoturismo también promueve la conservación y la educación, por lo que Horizontes Experimental es el destino perfecto para los ecologistas.

May 21, 2018

Soil is everything in this part of Nepal we will now live in for three months. In our second week in Shikharjung, we helped grow first vegetable nursery that included veggies like tomato and cabbage. The seedlings that grow in this patch of land will be distributed to each of the poly-tunnel beneficiaries to support their economic growth. Poly-tunnels are made with bamboo or steel with semi circular hoops that are covered with plastics. They work like green houses and are used to grow off seasonal vegetables. The main objective of growing the vegetable nursery and constructing poly-tunnels is to empower the local people in their business in a sustainable way.

May 21, 2018

In autumn 2017, I decided to return back to my home country, Nepal, on a Raleigh ICS placement with an ambition to make a difference in the lives of some of the most underprivileged people living in deprived areas. Over the course of 10 weeks, our focus was on providing easy access to clean water; infrastructure work; community development ; awareness raising and training in a small community named Dhuseni in Gorkha.

May 16, 2018

‘La familia’ is the first experience that each volunteer encounters when arriving in community. Upon reaching our small rural village of El Cipian, to begin our Livelihoods (Entrepreneurship) project, each volunteer was overwhelmed by the hospitality that was shown.

‘Please ask us for anything you may need or anything you like or don’t like, we want you to feel as though you are at home and with family in our house.’ This was a common shared sentiment and it meant a huge amount as we began our new lives with our Raleigh project, in a new community and culture.

La vida en familia es una de las primeras experiencias que enfrenta a los voluntarios cuando llegan a la comunidad. Al llegar a la pequeña comunidad rural de El Cipian, cada voluntario se sintió impresionado con la hospitalidad que nos demostraron. El sentimiento compartido fue:

'Por favor pregunte por cualquier cosa que necesite, y díganos lo que le gusta y no le gusta, queremos que se siente como en casa y entre familia'. Esto lo agradecimos mucho mientras empezamos nuestras vidas nuevas con el proyecto de Raleigh, en una comunidad y una cultura nueva.

May 14, 2018

We talked to Dorice about how her ICS Livelihoods team has helped entrepreneurs to gain business skills over the past three months in the rural village of Usengelindete, Iringa region, Tanzania. Whilst supporting community members, Dorice herself has also gained the skills she was looking for to achieve her dream of starting her own business one day. Over the course of her volunteering experience, Dorice has found a way to share her story and find a voice. Disability does not hold Dorice back. In fact, she believes that "disability is not inability. You can do anything." Dorice is becoming an inspiration to many whose lives are impacted by disability in Tanzania.

May 14, 2018

Alejandro Torres Mora is a 22-year-old from Heredia in Costa Rica. Before volunteering for Raleigh International, Alejandro was studying Finance at the University of Costa Rica.

Over the past ten weeks, Alejandro has volunteered on three projects – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Youth Leadership (trek) and Natural Resource Management (NRM).

Alejandro Torres Mora tiene 22 años y es de Heredia en Costa Rica. Antes de ser voluntario de Raleigh International, Alejandro estudiaba Finanzas en la Universidad de Costa Rica.

Durante las últimas diez semanas, Alejandro se ha ofrecido como voluntario en tres proyectos: agua, saneamiento e higiene (WASH), trekking y gestión de recursos naturales (NRM).

May 14, 2018

Born and raised in Chitwan, Pradeep Raj Giri is the Country Operations Manager (COM) in Raleigh International Nepal. With the academic background in social work, conflict, peace and development studies, he started his career as an academic associate in Kadambari Memorial College. After that, he did a three-month course in Peace Studies in India which led him to volunteer for a year in Corrymeela Community in Northern Island. He has his mentor Michael Fryer to thank for this volunteering opportunity that changed his life. He has also worked in All Hands Volunteers as a Community Trainer and Operations Manager. Pradeep joined Raleigh in 2017 and has been running the show behind the curtains of operations team. Here is what he has to say about his Raleigh journey and experiences.

May 11, 2018

"Not every closed door is locked, just push it."

This quote relates completely to my story. This is because I studied up to Form 6 and had a chance of keeping up my studies in the University of Dodoma but because of my family problems, I didn’t keep up with my studies. Due to that I decided to open the other door. That is why I am now a good entrepreneur and volunteer. I love the way I am.

May 10, 2018

The end of our team's time in the village of Msimba on an ICS Livelihoods project seemed to begin on pitching day itself. We arrived at our training centre at 6am to set up and spend most of the day waiting for each entrepreneur to pitch their business idea to a panel and then for the results to be decided. All the time we had spent session planning, teaching, doing one-to-ones and practice pitches had all come down to this. Fortunately, all our entrepreneurs had put in a considerable amount of effort and were well-prepared for their pitches, resulting in 11 out of the 14 business ideas we put forward achieved a Raleigh grant.

May 7, 2018