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The Livelihoods team have stepped their first foot in the hills of Gorkha! On 27th April, the volunteers were sorted into the villages with the Team Leaders. The procession looked a bit like Hogwarts house allocation with the team leaders putting tika on their blindfolded volunteers followed by a cheeky game of hide and seek. For the rest of the day, the teams spent time with each other and learned several aspects of the Livelihood program. The subjects ranged from idea generation to business canvas modelling, where the volunteers worked in their teams to come up with a business idea. It was a good practice to mirror the experiences they are about to gain in their placement. The next day involved a great deal of programmatic training with the livelihoods coordinator and health and safety training with the medics. On 29th April, the teams were all geared up to deploy to the respective communities. Here are the teams in all their glory:

April 30, 2018

Over 40 days, two teams of volunteers have been working towards improving water access in the community of Shree Krishna Tol. By constructing a new water tank and three new tap stands, there is now stronger infrastructure to provide water for all households in the community. The project has been hard work for all the volunteers, so to mark the completion of the project and their amazing achievement, the community held a ceremony to officially open the water tank and tap stands, providing one of the most special moments of the Expedition.

April 26, 2018

Fabian Moses Ndunguru is a 26-year-old science teacher at the Primary School in Muungano where Expedition volunteers have been working on a school, water, sanitation and hygiene (SWASH) programme. Originally from Ruvuma District, he was posted to Muungano in 2015 for his first teaching role. Logistics Officer Joanna Elding interviewed him about his role in the SWASH club.

April 25, 2018

When the earthquake struck three years ago, it devastated homes across Gorkha and affected livelihoods for people living in rural communities. Last year, Raleigh volunteers worked on housebuilding projects to support people whose homes were destroyed in the earthquake, including Sajita and her family in Baltar. Nine months on from the completion of the Raleigh project, Sajita is now living in her new home with her family and is looking to the future.

April 25, 2018

In the small rural village of El Pegador, we have been working for the past two months with a group of determined entrepreneurs and community members to establish local sustainable businesses. Nevertheless, much of the work Raleigh has done and continues to undertake to promote sustainable living, builds on the core values already established within the small community.

En el pueblo pequeño y rural de El Pegador, el equipo Echo 2 Raleigh trabaja hace 2 meses con un grupo de emprendedores y miembros comunitarios determinados con el fin de establecer negocios locales sostenibles. Dicho eso, la mayoría del trabajo que Raleigh ha realizado y sigue llevando a cabo para promover vidas sostenibles desarrolla las valores principales ya establecidas en esta comunidad pequeña.

April 23, 2018

Throughout our time as volunteers with Raleigh International in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, there have been many occasions where translation between Spanish and English has been essential.

To recognise Spanish Language Day (today), we thought it would be fitting to talk about our experiences with language on the three different projects we have taken part in over the past three months.

Durante nuestro tiempo como voluntarios de Raleigh en Nicaragua y Costa Rica, ha habido muchas veces cuando la traducción entre el español y el inglés ha sido muy útil.

Porque hoy es el Día Internacional del Español, pensamos que hablar de nuestras experiencias en cuanto al idioma en los tres proyectos diferentes sería muy apropiado.

April 23, 2018

Change starts from within: the desire to alter a current situation. Young people are ready to take ownership of what is happening in the world. They are ready to plan for the future and make a positive impact locally and globally. Young people are full of creativity, innovation and determination. Given the chance, they can be leaders at the heart of global change.

Raleigh expeditions provide unique opportunities to face adventure challenges in some of the most incredible areas of the world. Alongside the community and environmental phases, the Adventure Leadership Trek phase equips young people with the skills, confidence and experiences they need to be empowered, effective and energetic partners and leaders in development.

April 18, 2018

For many young people in Nepal, when they leave school their number one priority is to get a job and make the first steps in new careers. Taking time out to volunteer is not a big part of youth culture, so for Anjeela, a student in Kathmandu, making the leap into volunteering was a step out of the norm. Driven by her passion to help people, Anjeela volunteered on the Raleigh ICS programme last year, and is now one of over 40 amazing Expedition volunteers currently in Gorkha. As she works with her team to improve water scarcity in rural Nepal, Anjeela reflects on what she has learnt through her Raleigh experience and why volunteering is important to her.

April 18, 2018