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Following a four hour bus journey, Delta 1 arrived in the village of Mlanga, Dodoma excited and eager to get the phase one WASH project (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) underway. They will be constructing a hand washing station to complement a sanitation block built by a previous Raleigh group.

Words and photos by Delta 1

July 5, 2017

After four days of intensive training to prepare for life in-village, our 17KL venturers have all now departed for their phase one projects. They were up early yesterday and this morning to finish final preparations with the logistics team before boarding their buses and departing WAMO. Those who left yesterday are now settled in their villages, whilst the trek team set off today and will begin their trek tomorrow.

July 1, 2017

The 10 week, 7 week and 5 week venturers have been enjoying training this week and were eager to find out where they would be going and what project they would be working on for phase one. The process was made even more fun by the VMs who came up with a game. The venturers were each given the name of an animal in swahili and had to work with the Tanzanian venturers to translate the word. At the same time, the VMs were hiding nearby impersonating the corresponding animal. Once groups translated their word and found the VMs acting out the animal written on their piece of paper, they knew which groups they would be in.

June 30, 2017

We are thrilled to announced that the 17KL venturers have all safely arrived at WAMO, Raleigh Tanzania’s training facility in Morogoro. Coming from all over Tanzania, the UK and further afield; they will spend the next four days training to prepare for life on expedition.

June 27, 2017

Following volunteer manager (VM) allocations last week, it was time for the teams to begin putting all the training they have undertaken into practice. The newly formed groups headed out to their villages for project planning visits (PPVs). These are an opportunity for the VMs to get to know their village better, meet the village and district leadership and build relationships before starting their projects. Photographer Rosie accompanied Delta 1 to the village of Mlanga, where they will be working on a WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) project.

June 25, 2017

It has been a very exciting week for the expedition volunteer managers (VMs) and medics. On Thursday, the team headed out on a practice trek around the Uluguru Mountains to prepare them for 19 days of trekking around Iringa. The following day, phase allocations were announced and the newly formed teams began preparing for their project planning visits (PPV). During phase one of expedition there will be one group working on a natural resource management project, two groups working on WASH (water, sanitation & hygiene) projects and one group will be trekking.The VMs will next spend three nights on PPV, visiting the communities they will be working in and preparing for the arrival of the group. First, they embarked on their practice trek offering a great insight into life on trek, helping to build team work skills and allowing the volunteer managers to put their medical training into practice.

June 19, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that the volunteer managers for expedition 17KL have all arrived safely in Morogoro. The group has been getting to know each other as well as the advance fieldbase team. They will have two weeks of training before the venturers arrive on the 26th June for induction. The volunteer managers come from all over Tanzania and the UK and are excited to get started on their Raleigh journey.

June 13, 2017

The advance volunteer team has arrived safely at the Raleigh Tanzania Fieldbase in Morogoro. Six new team members have joined the existing volunteers and permanent field base staff at our home for the next three months, located at the foot of the Uluguru Mountains. After a long journey we were glad of a warm welcome and a chance to get to know everyone. Now that we’re all settled in, let’s meet the new arrivals...

June 10, 2017

To mark this year’s World Environment Day we put a spotlight on the Youth for Green Growth initiative, which aims to create an enabling environment for youth-led action that promotes and advances the Green Growth and Sustainable Development agendas in Tanzania. World Environment Day is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries. It is the ‘people’s day’ for doing something to take care of the Earth or become an agent of change. (www.worldenvironmentday.global)

Words by Marie. Photos by Harry.

June 5, 2017
Tanzania ICS

Now the 17D expedition has ended and we are nearing the end of the 17S ICS programme it has allowed the time to reflect on the programme, going right back to the start with induction. Induction is an incredibly busy time for Raleigh Team Leaders (TLs) and Volunteer Managers (VMs). Having just arrived at Raleigh’s field base in Morogoro and with little time to recover from their flights, it’s straight into training sessions, preparing them for the next few months.

Words and photos by Medic Andrew Livesey.

May 28, 2017