Phase Two Complete in Nyamwezi

23rd August 2017

The team working on a SWASH (school water, sanitation and hygiene) project in the village of Nyamwezi, funded by Hirebase and Buildbase, have completed a successful phase two. During the phase they have finished the foundations for the toilet block ready for the superstructure to be completed. They have faced challenges along the way, but together as a team and with the help of the fundis (builders) have overcome these to complete the building work on schedule.

The second phase of expedition saw a new team arrive in the village of Nyamwezi to continue work on the SWASH project. The group are building 18 latrines, a menstrual hygiene management room and hand washing station for Nane Nane Primary School . During phase one the excavaction pit was built and work was started on the septic tank. Phase two saw the septic tank and foundations for the toilet block completed.

Tanzanian venturer Shadrack commented, “It has been a learning process for me, from seeing the project site for the first time to understanding the cement mixing process, laying bricks and watering them to make them strong. Overall it has been a fantastic experience.”

Shadrack planning for SWASH lessons

Alongside construction, the team delivered SWASH lessons to the school children. The lessons covered the importance of good sanitation including washing hands before and after the toilet and prior to eating, to avoid diseases like diarrhoea. We worked together as a team to plan and deliver the lessons including translating the lessons into Swahili. SWASH lessons and SWASH club aim to provide knowledge of good sanitation and hygiene to young people in the community. The wider aim is that this information will be spread to their family as well as future generations in Nyamwezi – leading to long-term positive behavioural change.

The fundis working on the project site

The team also took part in extra-curricular activities including ‘come dine with me’ and games nights. The best part of the project for Alistair was, “Seeing the project completed with no problems and brilliant co-operation between the venturers and the fundis (builders).”

Chris and Alistair passing cement on the project site

The team overcame any challenges, with UK venturer Nicholas commenting, “We had to use our energy and lots of hard work and power, but this got easier as the phase progressed and by the end we were working successfully as a team.”

Nikolas working on the pump

The new team has arrived in Nyamwezi  for phase three when they will complete the foundations and superstructure of the toilet block. Siprian Francis Mpakumatimba, Head Teader of Nane Nane Primary School commented, “The project is vital for Nane Nane Primary School because we currently have 670 pupils and only 4 latrines in very bad condition. We are looking forward to the facilities opening and the positive impact they will have on the school community.”

Mr Mpakumalimba, Head teacher of Nane Nane Primary School

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