Tea and Talks with the British Ambassador

27th June 2017

Matt enjoying his tea time!

On arrival, we were greeted in true British fashion with cups of tea and brownies, as the ambassador worked his way around the room taking the time to hear from each of us, alongside some of the Raleigh Nepal staff and local project partners. We spoke about our time so far in Kathmandu, including the incredibly quick and seamless integration between the UK and Nepali team leaders. He was interested in the training we have received and enjoyed hearing about the varying elements of implementing both WASH and livelihoods programs utilizing a combination of international and in country youth volunteers in conjunction with the local communities themselves. Personally I was most impressed that he took the time to speak to each of us and inquire about what makes people of our age who come from entirely different backgrounds, careers and levels of experience interested in coming together to help work on a three month development program of this nature in Nepal.

From Top Left; Team Leaders Gandip, Lizzi, James, Mahesh, Hattie, Marco, Buddharaj, Santosh, Nitish, Elliot, Deputy Operations Manager Jane, Team Leaders Tessa, Pragyawatee, Country Director Ram, Country Program Manager Sudhir, Team Leaders Ashma, Baibhav, Intern Sashi, Team Leaders Matt, Sam and Sangeet

He came across as an exceptionally warm and genuine individual who took real interest in the Raleigh ethos of working closely with local partners and living in host homes within rural communities to help improve standards of living in conjunction with Nepal’s Development goals. After having spoken with each of us the ambassador took the time to talk about his personal work and that of the British Embassy within a country which has a long and valued connection with the United Kingdom. We then had the chance to ask any questions we had, ranging in topics from, Nepal’s soft powers to lessons learned from the humanitarian response to the 2015 Earthquake.

After fielding our questions, we took a group photo, thanked him for his time and hospitality and departed back to our training center. All in all, the meeting was a great chance for us to raise awareness of the work Raleigh are doing in Nepal and also understand more about the long diplomatic relationship shared between our two countries as we prepare to live, work and laugh together with our Nepali counterparts and communities for the coming months.

Written by: Team Leader Sam

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