Team Itulike define the key attributes of an entrepreneur

13th July 2015

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Which inspirational entrepreneur springs to your mind? Richard Branson… Alan Sugar… Steve Jobs or perhaps Jeffery Lupenza...?

Jeffery Lupenza, 45, is a well-respected entrepreneur in Itulike village in the Njombe region of Southern Tanzania. In 1992 (at the age of 22), Jeffery decided to start his own business and move away from the family tradition of farming. Starting with a small crate of Pepsi 23 years ago, his business has continued to expand. He now owns a mini market, rents out retails space and sells food in bulk to other retailers. Jeffery says that “constant creativity and a resourceful attitude are paramount to an entrepreneur’s success”. He has used his success to send his children to university and build a home for his family.

Team Itulike's key attributes to an entrepreneur:

  1. Think on their feet – an individual that can spot new trends and go against the status quo
  2. Take risks – be able to seek a business opportunity and take action with no guarantee of success
  3. Active – constantly learning and taking action
  4. Open to change – know that the customer and market demand constantly changes and to triumph, a business should change too
  5. Selling ability – be able to promote and sell a vision to potential customers and investors
  6. A mind for money – seeks new profitable opportunities but also be able to identify ideas that will not make money.
  7. Confidence to be different – be able to stand out from the crowd
  8. Be inventive – in some areas of the world some resources (such as technology) are hard to find however, an inventive entrepreneur is able to use all resources available to them for the best outcome
  9. Rise to the occasion – be determined and not let setbacks create a distraction from an entrepreneur from being successful. Be able to learn from mistakes
  10. Inspire others – the best entrepreneurs through history have shared their ideas and inspired others in the world

These are the attributes that are evident in Mr Lupenza’s success and the success of many entrepreneurs worldwide to be able to change their lives for the better.

Charlie 2 Blog

As part of the ICSE project in Tanzania, Team Itulike have been supporting and mentoring young local entrepreneurs to incorporate some key attributes into their business approach. With the support of Raleigh volunteers, team leaders and long term mentors (such as Mr Lupenza), there has already been great positive change to the knowledge and livelihoods of individuals and the community as a whole in Itulike.