Team Lulasi meet locals and livestock

4th July 2015

Team Lulasi week one


Uganile kutoka Lulasi. Hello from Lulasi! It’s hard to put into words the surreal and unbelievable events of Team Lulasi's first week. Grace has milked a cow and Martin built his first tippy tap to name but a few.

Lulasi is breathtaking, we are up in the mountains about three hours from Mbeya and the scenery is incredible. It is so green compared to any of our expectations, we couldn’t quite believe it when we arrived. The whole village was coated in a blanket of mist with the mountains in the distance and with an abundance of banana trees, cropfields and greenery surrounding each house. Usually one would imagine a degree of awkwardness when initially entering a strangers house, but this was not the way of the Lulasi homestay mamas. We were warmly welcomed, given tours and shown all of the family animals (to list them all would take a while)! Out of the six homestays (including the team leaders), we have all immediately built the warmest and friendliest bond with our host families, singing around the fire is common place in this picturesque, calm and simple life. The best part of the day is washing in the outdoor shower hut in the morning sunshine listening to the cows, pigs and chickens outside. It’s amazing how quickly we have fallen into a routine here.

Team Lulasi week one

Some things have been tough so once you get over the initial feeling that you’re in some sort of dream, the reality of your home for the next nine weeks sinks in. The language barrier has been tricky too, it’s so frustrating to feel so close to your homestay mamas but not be able to articulate to them how much you appreciate their hospitality. However, what they say is true: the universal language of laughter and love will always prevail. At any time, with the most limited of communications, we somehow always find something to laugh about whether it be the difference between UK and Tanzanian food portions or the cool and misty Lulasi climate which must feel like the Arctic to our Tanzanian team members.

We are an eclectic mix of South African, French, Indian, Cornish (yes it counts), British and of course Tanzanian. We’ve been living together in Lulasi for a week now and yet we’re already closer than most work colleagues are in a lifetime. When we met the entrepreneurs on Wednesday and our teamwork was exemplary with a very successful meeting had by all. The entrepreneurs are wonderful; twelve Lulasi locals with impressive enthusiasm and heart-warming spirits. So far we have introduced them to basic components of entrepreneurship and now we are planning surveys to determine their individual needs as well as those of the village. We are optimistic about the next nine weeks so here's to Team Lulasi!