Team Nhamagumo discuss the importance of youth engagement in Nhamagumo

29th November 2014

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Universal Children’s day has been acknowledged this week in Nhamagumo with a global celebration of children and young people and the impact they have in our community.

Approximately half of the population of Africa is below the age of 35, which highlights the potentially huge impact this age group could have. Within Nhamagumo , many of the activities are centred around the large primary school, which plays an important role in both the lives of the local children and the local community.

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As a result, much of Team Nhamagumo’s work has involved the help, support and continued involvement of everyone at Nhamagumo primary as we deliver our health and hygiene messages. Children of all ages can often be found spending time at camp and kicking a football around or simply enjoying the opportunity to sit with the group. Football matches have also attracted young crowds on several occasions.

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This kind of interaction has enabled us to engage with this vast section of the community. Older generations are not always open to change, as the traditions they have lived by for many years have become entrenched. Younger generations, by contrast, are often far more impressionable and as such are open to new ways of thinking. Engaging with these children and empowering them with the knowledge to improve their health and that of their families is a highly accepted message of education. This is a message moreover that will hopefully filter through and reach the other age groups.

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It must never be forgotten that children are the future; a child who has been properly educated on a subject has the ability to pass that onto their children and then onto their children’s children. It is in this way that ideas such as hand washing with soap becomes second nature and a sustainable way of life. Sustainable change that improves the lives of future generations is easier to enact through engaging with the younger members of the community who will one day grow up to become the leaders of such a community.

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