Team Nkalise Introduction to the community and entrepreneurs.

2nd March 2015

Echo 3 Dairy Chain


Team Nkalise are based in the mountains of the Southern Highlands surrounding Mbeya. They have had a busy week with 5 workshops covering topics such as entrepreneurship, idea generation, and the dairy value chain. The entrepreneurs have been engaged and pro-active so far and the team has high hopes for the project.

Each week we will be bringing you updates from the ICSE teams on the ground. We spoke to Team Nkalise about their experiences so far and this is what they told us:

Echo 3 Dairy Chain

‘The first couple of days here we spent integrating with the community, playing football, drinking chai (Kiswahilifor Tea), and getting to know each other. Before I arrived in Tanzania I was scared and nervous but the Tanzanian culture is so friendly and welcoming. I am very happy and feel so lucky to be here. I’m looking forward to seeing the entrepreneurs develop and to see some sustainable businesses emerge. I already feel like ICSE is going to be a really rewarding experience for both the entrepreneurs and volunteers.’- Liz

Echo 3 Baraka and Liz

‘It has been great to crack on with the project…there is optimism in achieving something permanent and rewarding’ , ‘I am looking forward to pressing on with the project , forming friendships with the locals and volunteers and hopefully successful businesses’- Ricky

‘The entrepreneurs have been coming together and sharing different ideas. They have been very pro-active and are interested to learn.’ – Zaidina

‘The program is amazing and enjoyable to me and I’m sure when we end this program I will be good in English and I will be in a different stage in my life, and I hope I will challenge myself to change the world which I’m living in.’ – Charles

Echo 3 Children

‘The entrepreneurs appear eager and enthused by the project, which is great news!’ – George

‘We met with our host families and mamas abnd babas (Mums and Dads) who welcomed us into their homes and community, which is rural and picturesque.’ – Fran