Teams are announced and they’re off!

27th June 2015


After a week of intensive training our volunteers are nearly ready to go out to their communities and begin working with their young Tanzanian entrepreneurs.

On Friday, the volunteers met their project partner East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) and gained a better insight into the dairy industry in Tanzania. There was also much fun and games along the way with quizzes, fashion shows and the infamous Raleigh Olympics!

This morning the teams for the next ten weeks were announced and the volunteers have spent the day getting to know each other and their team leaders as well as learning more about their respective villages. Here are the nine teams that will spend the next ten weeks in the Southern Highlands region of Tanzania around the towns of Njombe and Mbeya. All teams will depart WOCO (Raleigh's ICSE training ground) very early on Sunday morning and we wish them all the best for their journey to the villages and the start of their projects.

Team Nundu (Njombe)

Charlie 1

 [Vas, Jane, Lucy, Lydia, Andrew, Omamerhi, Alistair, Emmanuel, Denis, Godfrey, Dorothea, Rodgers, Lucy]

Team Itulike (Njombe)

Charlie 2

 [Qasim, Anna, Marisa, Jay, James, Elizabeth, Highness, Kelvin, Azizi, Abdul, Zahra, Rebecca, Grace]

Team Nyumbanitu (Njombe)

Charlie 3

 [Kirun, John, Almachius, Alexandra, Stephen, Dylan, Samuel, Farwa, Elizabeth, Fionnuala, Godfrey, Sauli]

Team Ibumila (Njombe)

Charlie 4

 [Siobhan, Sophia, Chantelle, Riyoko, Juliet, Matthew, Lewis, Muhammed, Zubeda, Sophia, Simon, Abia, Clemence]

Team Lusitu (Njombe)

Charlie 5

 [Umaru, Sekela, Tumaini, Neha, Alexa, Sian, Steven, Daniel, James, Lilian, Bhoke, Emmanuel, Muksini, Emmanuel]

Team Ilolo (Mbeya)

Charlie 6

 [Kiran, Som, Alphonce, Denuja, Kris, Aliya, Oliver, Thomas, Ola, Stephen, Juma, Patrick, Diana, Frank]

Team Lulasi (Mbeya)

Charlie 7

 [Heleena, Martin, Doranne, Jessica, Chloe, Tino, Kieron, Luke, Grace, Abuu, Denis, Raphael, Christina]

Team Makandana (Mbeya)

Charlie 8

 [Alasdair, Paul, Hannah, Katie, Jaskiran, Jack, Andrew, Thomas, Abdallah, Otieno, Goodlucky, Wardah, Ramla]

Team Mibula (Mbeya)

Charlie 9

[George, Hosea, Eleanor, Darcey, Jordan, Ian, Lewis, Godfrey, Gaspar, Eliudy, Rogathe, Judith]

We will post an update on how all the teams are getting on at the end of the week so check back for more news then and in the meantime you can post messages in the comments section below.