The end is nigh

27th November 2013

BOR 13K ZL Changeover2 34

After three weeks out on project, Venturers and PMs descended on Base Camp once again for the second changeover of expedition 13K. 

Each Alpha group left their projects with a sense of real achievement.  During phase 2 walls have been erected at Alpha 1, the sanitation units and gravity fed water system have been officially opened at Alpha 2, Alpha 3 have successfully cleared and gathered materials for the start of camp construction, equipment has been successfully retrieved by Alpha 4 and work has begun on restoring the suspension bridge and Alpha 5 have completed their trek and dive phase.  Wow – what a fantastic phase and seeing everyone’s face at changeover, they were all raring to go onto the next one.

For this phase there will be no Alpha 2 but we have an extra adventure group, so Alpha 6 is back in the mix!  As you all should know the drill by now, here are allocations for the third and final phase of expedition 13K.

Alpha 1: Jushtice Pius, Woan Wei Loh, Peter Wallis, Robert Gibson, Timothy George, Laura Markey, Oscar Castenfelt, Ching Yi Chan, Florentine Arkel and Bobbie Schuller

BOR 13K ZL Changeover2 34

Alpha 3: Weng Yee Loke, James Wileman, Kyle Scott, Lucy Maguire, Ella King, William Shaw-MacGillivray, Thommy Doeksen and Stefanie Siedenburg

BOR 13K ZL Changeover2 37



Alpha 4: Peh Hwa Wong, Euan Gray, Archie Cage, David Salter, Charlotte Wells Katherine Stack Oger De Vries, Ole Hylkema and Nina de Planque


BOR 13K ZL Changeover2 36


Alpha 5: Kristey Selva, Muhammad Tahir, Alexander Smythe, Harriet Ayliffe Lauren Wells, Emily Reed, Felix Hochholzer, Romy Menten and Isa Vroom


BOR 13K ZL Changeover2 33


Alpha 6: Jack Pairin Joseph, Yin-Shyen Chong, James McPherson, Nicola Ahmed, Emilia Wood, Bethany Scott, Chloë Barran, Michiel van Wulfften Palthe and Willem Völker


BOR 13K ZL Changeover2 35


Kat Townsend
Communications Officer