The Fellowship of the Turrisantos Trek.

17th April 2014

Zulu 3


This is a guest blog from Zulu 3 Venturers, Josh and Sam.

“From the hype given by the previous Turrisantos trekkers, we were led to believe it would be a painful and soul destroying journey of hills, hills and more hills.

"However, enjoyment can be found it the simplest of things. At the end of a long, hard day’s trek, it is rewarding to feel the warmth and generosity of a Costa Rica community. The local communities provide us with a place to lay our weary heads. Throughout our adventure, we have stayed in community centres, churches, pulperia storerooms and spare houses. The generosity of these communities is truly overwhelming.

Zulu 3

“It is important to keep a positive relationship with these communities to make the overall experience enjoyable for ourselves and future trekkers. By treating the communities with respect and cleaning where we have stayed, it instils a positive vibe from Raleigh for the groups who come after us. It is reassuring that no matter where you are in Costa Rica, whether you are trekking through the dense jungle, or on the winding roads of the Pan-American highway, you are never  a stone’s throw away from somebody who can help.

“Upon reflection on how these communities differ from our own, we feel there is a more frequent generosity which can be hard to find elsewhere, apart from our mummies. All the things we have learned from these communities and from Raleigh, we hope to take back. We would like to think that after Raleigh, there will always be a place for a weary traveller to rest the weary head in our shire.”

Zulu 3