Team Endashan talk water…

2nd April 2015

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The need for water is something the team and the villagers all share in Endashan. Over the last six weeks in the village the team has been reflecting on their use of water at home and now have a greater awareness of the issues surrounding lack of water. They feel this situation has to change for the people of Endashan.

Each day the team experience the daily struggle of collecting water. When the team goes to the water source they are greeted by the villagers, they wait in line until it is their turn to pump the water. Once the water is collected they carry the heavy load back to their base camp. This can take up to 90 minutes. While the team has been in the village, the pump has dried up a number of times. Having reliable access to water is a massive changelle in Endashan and impacts many aspects of the villagers' lives. The local pastor, Michael Gangary, said:

“My family spend three to six hours a day collecting water. We would rather use the time working on economic or agriculture activities or helping to improve our community.”

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Hosa Ntanual, the head teacher of the school added: 

“We have over 250 students in the secondary school and the school has no water source nearby. The students have to walk two kilometres to collect water. This impacts on the time spent in classrooms learning. It also increases the truancy rate as students don’t want to collect water so far away because it is a trying job.”

The team has been working closely with their project partner DMDD to combat these issues in the village. Part of the project sees the team digging an eight kilometre trench to where a large water tank will be installed. Over 100 villagers came with tools ready to help dig. This really highlights the village commitment to the new water source.

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