The Journey of Germs

16th April 2016

Our Team leader gave a brief introduction on our project and explained our aims: how we wanted to talk about hygiene practices, how germs are spread and effective prevention methods. We started our program by doing the first activity on “colour handshaking”. We requested for five volunteers from the participants who actively came up for the activity. We poured some colours in hands of two participants and asked them to shake hands with remaining three participants. Our main objective with this activity was to show how the germs get transmitted from one person to another. After we were done with task one, we split our group for discussion with the whole audience.


For our next activity we performed a Role Play which our participants really enjoyed. The main theme of the role play was the pillar of health and sanitation. Our main intention with this role play was explain how disease can travel with the help of soil, water & a housefly into your body. We showed the role play with the help of our team members and the role of housefly which was played by our friend Jamie took the attention of the audiences. The last activity we performed was 7 easy steps of hand washing using soap. We presented the demonstration and asked participants to follow the 7 steps along with us. During this activity, we found participants were really engaged.


After the final activity, we ask participants to complete feedback forms, accompanied by some tea and biscuits. The program was productive and informative, and we were successful in delivering the intended particular message to the community. We were overwhelmed with the kind of involvement shown by our participants and even though there were some challenges in language, we overcame them and fluently presented as one united team to the community.

Written by Nepali volunteers Prashikshya Regmi and Shirjana Luitel

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Nepal