The Medic’s in the house!

20th August 2017

During the presentation

We were also able to organize a high value and off-season vegetable farming session with the help of our project partner, Shree Swarna Intergrated Community Development Center (SSICDC). They provided us with everything we needed for the session – snacks, stationary and even a mentor, Shree Kant Paudel, who indeed was a person to remember. He not only had an in-depth knowledge on off-season vegetable farming, but also had an amazing ability to engage the trainees.

Polly and Shelly take a break for a picture

On the same day, we finalized an area to build the first poly-tunnel – a large structure made out of bamboo and plastic that allows the villagers to grow off-season vegetables that they wouldn’t usually be able to in Patpati. We decided to build it at Bishnu Panta’s house, who is handicapped but still an influential person in the village. Building the first poly-tunnel seemed quite challenging because only the trainer had the insight of building it. However, with the active participation of both volunteers and trainees, we were able to successfully complete the poly-tunnel within 2 days as planned. It was a great accomplishment for both the Training and Infrastructure committees.

Work sure is difficult; Team Leader Nitish and Viraj

The most anticipated moment of the Week was yet to come: Phase Review. All of us were so excited as this was going to be a great chance to reconnect with the other NC teams in Gorkha, and especially to hear about all the great work they’ve done so far. It will also be a nice break after almost 5 weeks of hard work. Can’t wait!


Written By Basanta

November Charlie 3

Patpati, Gorkha

Youth Economic Empowerment Nepal