The venturers have arrived!

12th October 2013

The moment is finally here. Following months of planning, fundraising, becoming experts on walking boots, backpacks and survival Spanish, the venturers have landed in Costa Rica and are raring to begin. 

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After being greeted by some very excited PMs, everyone was driven to the British School in San Jose to spend their first night, raleigh-style, on roll mats and sleeping bags. Luckily they were all jet lagged so the 04:45 start the next morning didn't feel too painful!

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The sleepy drive back to Turrialba provided a brief respite before arriving at fieldbase and being regaled by singing and dancing, courtesy of the HCVs. This was topped off by a full Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto - Rice, beans, cheese and plantain - and a welcome from our in-country managers, Simon and Keiner.

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 2-2555 CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 2-2546

Whilst at fieldbase the venturers will be sleeping in the large Raleigh army tents, affectionately known as the 'hotels'. Each hotel sleeps 8 people and for the first day these hotel groups will be working to together to begin their training.  

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 2-2619 CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 2-2701

Tomorrow the venturers will be allocated to their first phase projects, so check back again for a run down of the project groups! 

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 2-2679