Tippy taps!

11th December 2013

tippy tap 0001

We are big fans of the tippy tap here at Raleigh...so we thought we'd tell you all about them, and even how to make your very own!

They're a huge part of our handwashing and sanitation awareness raising whilst out on project - so now lots of families and primary schools around Tanzania are the proud owners of Raleigh inspired tippy taps. Each of our camp sites build them too whenever they arrive at a new site, the local children see us using them and copy us!

So, what exactly is it? It's a way of washing your hands, hygienically, when there is no tap available. Plus it also uses around 70ml of water with each handwash (rather than the more typical 500ml).

A tippy tap is made using a plastic container, normally a small jerrycan, with a small hole near its lid. The container is suspended between some sticks and can be tipped using the string that is attached to the lid. The string attaches to a piece of wood on the ground which tips the container when you stand on it.

A gravel bed underneath it soaks up the water (keeping mosquitoes away) and a piece of soap is tied next to the container. When the container is empty the lid can be unscrewed and water poured in.

If second hand materials are used then construction of a tippy tap is completely free!

Jovin, our Logs intern and past Raleigh Home Country Venturer, built a tippy tap in the Fieldbase garden so we could bring you this handy 'how to' guide!

tippy tap 0001

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