Tired, hot, hungry, but happy. Our Volunteer Managers arrive…

26th January 2015

Panoramic group



Whoops of joy accompanied the arrival of our volunteer managers today at field base. Whether they were glad to arrive or simply relieved that the long and bumpy bus journey from Dar Es Salaam was over remains a matter of debate. Travel weary from long flights with little sleep they were thrust straight into the thrilling topic of health and safety before a filling lunch of rice, beans and meat that left a few wanting a siesta. No such luck though. The first day means essential admin, from stashing away valuables to medical 1-1’s, photographs, and learning about tippy taps and the three bowl system (more to come on that in the future). 

 It was clear though that despite the tired eyes and heat of the journey, our Volunteer Manager team are pleased to be here: 

Panoramic group

“The roads are interesting, but the scenery is spectacular. The mountains are calling me already…” Sylvia 

“So excited to be here and to meet my fellow volunteers. It’s gorgeous here” Vicki 

“Just take a look around you, it is spectacular” Tom

“Exciting, a little overwhelming, but cannot wait to get stuck in” Beth 

 The girls arrive at field base, Morogoro

The coming days don’t get any quieter either as an intensive programme begins that will pull our teams closer together and ensure that we are ready for our venturers to arrive in just a couple of weeks time. Saraya and I will be getting stuck in alongside them too so we’ll be snapping pictures and finding out more about our volunteer manager team.  We’ll also be sharing a bit about what the training involves and why it is so important.