Today’s youth for tomorrow: Nibuwatar marked international youth day

19th August 2016

Volunteers Kiran, Prajwal, Sabina and Youth club Treasurer Anjit planting trees
Volunteers Kiran, Prajwal, Sabina and Youth club treasurer Anjit planting trees

This was a special day for Nibuwatar communities and it was not a usual morning for them. Morning started with cleaning of local Barahi temple followed by tree plantation. Hope of green future with our small effort in the village, we planted 35 trees around the temple area. With the enthusiastic youth participation from the community, the early morning event boosted our energy throughout the day.

Street drama on substance abuse followed the tree plantation. One of the problems among youth around the world these days is substantive abuse and so was for Nibuwatar-9. We performed a street drama, with a strong desire to increase awareness amongst the youth and school children regarding substantive abuse. With the help of youth club members, the street drama was a grand success. It will be unfair if we miss to acknowledge Uma, narrator of the drama and Anjit, lead actor of the drama.

The president of youth club delivered an eye opening speech which motivated the youths and students to lead a productive life. This was a platform where youth were encouraged to speak up on different topic and enhance their skills on public speaking. As we all know the skill of public speaking is one of the valuable assets in today’s world.

Clean up campaign in the temple
Clean up campaign at the temple

The youth day concluded with a volleyball match between the volunteers and local youths. What an interesting tournament to watch!!

Refreshment after all the hard work...
Refreshment after all the hard work…

With a smile of success and achievement of the day, we went to bed with satisfied heart.  ‘12 Aug 2016’ was really remarkable for us, local youth and communities. We hope ‘future 12 Aug will also be same as 2016 with feeling of productivity, success, and achievement’ with the seed we sowed.

Cheers to the local youth club for giving us this opportunity!

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