Training, trek, triathlon!

3rd July 2016

Hands on training

Amateur actress Makeda completed the Raleigh training programme in Bermuda in 2011 but was unable to join expedition as a show came up.

“I got involved again through an ex teacher who is now the Executive Director of Raleigh Bermuda and decided it was going to be my year.

“My first motivation in joining Raleigh Nepal was to give back to the community after the earthquake. I also wanted to go somewhere I’d not been before. And see monkeys! I’m really excited to be part of the first expedition in Nepal.

Makeda and Nishi practice first aidMakeda and Nishi practice first aid

“I’m a hands on learner so to be able to practice what we’d learned in the medical theory session assures me I actually understand it.”

Practice trek

Originally from the Terai region, Bikal (in red, main picture), completed his Bachelor study in social work and rural development just prior to joining expedition.

“I liked the fact that the two areas of Raleigh expedition – trek and community projects – fit well with my degree and hope the experience will develop my skills to help with future work opportunities.

The practice trek was good opportunity to gain practical knowledge before going out on the trek phase, such as how to pack and carry our bags. It was great to actually get the chance to look at the Baireni views and get to know the international volunteers better.”

The Raleigh Olympics

Raleigh OlympicsKarn, Prabin, Betty, Emily and Qin compete in the Raleigh Olympics

After a rest and freshen up the three Tango training teams took part in the ‘Raleigh Olympics’. After performing the opening ceremonies they had devised the night before they competed in three events: rock and spoon race (in the absence of an egg!); fastest team through a hoop and finger-lifting sticks; and charades.

Qin from Shanghai was at university in Guangzhou when she first heard about Raleigh in 2011. She took part in a Raleigh China Expedition in 2013

“After the earthquake I wanted to do something meaningful to help local people. I also wanted to experience cross cultural communication and make international friends.”

Qin takes part in the rock and spoon raceQin helps her team win the rock and spoon race

“The Raleigh Olympics was really good fun and made me feel like we worked well as a team. My team won! Having the opportunity to record our best time out of three the in the rock and spoon race made us communicate as a team to decide on the best way to improve our time.”

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What’s next?

4 July – Deploy to Phase 1 – trek

5 July – 16J (5 week) Advance Volunteer Managers arrive

12 July – 16J Volunteer Managers arrive

18 July – 16I Phase 1 review/changeover


Photo credits: Bruno Oliveira


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