Upcoming ICS Livelihoods Projects and Communities in Nepal

5th July 2019


Team Benibesi

Benibesi lies in former Ghyalchowk VDC and currently in the ward no. 8 of Gandaki Rural Municipality. There are 34 households in the community. From the north east highway at Benighat, the community is a further 6 kilometers off road. There is a majority of Chhetri and Brahaman ethnicity. The community members follow traditional farming of the cereal crops, vegetable farming, daily wage based employment and many have left to seek employment abroad.

Team Benibesi has Filza and Saniksha as team leaders and Michael, Bhuwan, Oshin, Goma, Nina, Abirna, Izzy, Avishekh, Nimesh, Abhishekh, Jaitheesan, Megan and Sarah as volunteers.

Team Nayagaun

Naya Gaun lies in ward no. 5 of Gandaki Rural Municipality of Gorkha district. In Naya Gaun there are 34 households with a majority of Dalit and Janjati ethnicity. Due to flat agricultural land, the community conduct commercial vegetable farming, but they are totally dependent on the production through use of chemical pesticides. Our volunteers along with Project Partners will work with youths and community people on youth leadership development and engage them in the income generation activities based Integrated Pest Management which is better for the environment.

Team Nayagaun has Shristi and Chetan as Team Leaders and Bikash, Maryam, Arshana, Lucie, Ayusha, Sweta, Jimmy, Swopnil, Babu, Roman, Eleanor, Sanjit, Kadie and Ashwin as volunteers.

Team Dunde

The Dunde community lies between Sano Durbung and Thulo Durbung of Gandaki Rural Municipality-5 Gorkha. The community lies  an hour walking distance from main road at Darbung. The community is majority Janjati ethnicity and had heard about the Raleigh’s livelihood programme. The team leaders received a warm welcome during their visit here. The community is full of natural beauty. The community members are in need of livelihood diversification as they currently rely on the seasonal growing of cereal crops. Young people have to rely on foreign employment as source of income.

Team Dunde has Shradha and Christina as Team Leaders and Abigail, Rebecca, Binita, Sushma, Ujwol, Neha, Salin, Mairi, Sinead, Miles, Shudarshan, Ejike and Durga as volunteers.

Team Alaiche

Alaiche, another community from Gandaki Rural Municipality of Gorkha district has 42 households with majority of Janajati ethnicity. Livelihoods of the community people are below average as they have less land for agriculture and they follow traditional cereal crops farming techniques. This cycle, Raleigh’s young volunteers will be supporting the community in enhancing their livelihoods with improved farming technologies.

Team Alaiche has Srijana and Bethan as Team Leaders and Shruti, Darja, Megan, Caitlin, Eleanor, Buddha, Manika, Grishma, Zain, Anuj, Binit, Luke and Bipana as volunteers.

Team Quireni

Quireni lies in ward no. 5 of Gandaki Rural Municipality of Gorkha District. There are 56 households with majority of Janjati Ethnicity. The main source of income in this community is from employment in foreign land and running small grocery shops. The people have less land without irrigation facilities. This  cycle will have our volunteers supporting community people by engaging them in agriculture-based income generation

Team Quireni has Bibek and Alastair as Team Leaders and Dinesh, Aastha, Nisha, Anil, Lydia, Safina, Amrit, Sulav, Samiratu, Coll, Kaira, Dayna and Siobhan as volunteers.
ICS Livelihood Deputy Operations Managers with ICS Team Leaders

The Deputy Operations Managers (Livelihoods)

Sophia and Nitish

Sophia and Nitish are working together to support the Team Leaders and facilitate their experience in the community. They will closely be working with the Team Leaders, helping them to train and support them as they empower rural communities and their volunteers to create a long lasting change.

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Images and post by Suman

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