Updates from the teams on their second week in their communities

1st November 2014


As the teams settle in to their villages they have all been very busy, continuing with their action research as well as integrating with the local communities.  Here are updates from the teams and their plans for this week...

Team Bargish

Team Bargish will be continuing with construction and awareness raising activities around the importance of good personal hygiene. They will be working closely with key local institutions such as the church, mosque, secondary school and partner organisations as they look to maximise their reach and impact.

Team Nhamagumo

This week Team Nhamagumo are planning some work experience including work on a local farm, with a carpenter, a tailor, local shops and at the mill. They are continuing their action research and starting some awareness raising at the local school with a sports day planned for the end of the week.  To complete their busy week, they will also be continuing with the construction of the school sanitation blocks.

Team Ugulumo

Team Ugulumo have a busy week ahead, continuing the construction of the sanitation blocks. They are meeting with the women’s group for the first time this week and have arranged another meeting with the youth group. The team is very excited to have been invited to a local wedding on Wednesday.

They plan to continue their SWASH lessons at the local school. This weekend they had a sports da that 100 people attended and the team performed a play about hand washing.


Team Mingela

Team Mingela is working hard to promote hygiene awareness and improve women’s health. They are building valuable rocket stoves in the community that will help vulnerable households to save money on fuel and reduce respiratory disease through smoke inhalation.  They are also putting on a Global Citizenship Day to promote international cooperation. They will be designing murals, promoting a community sanitation day and holding a sports day in what promises to be a busy week.

Team Mseko

Team Mseko are going to be working to spread the work of their project partner and the global SWASH agenda to the local region. This will be achieved by conducting peer to peer education sessions and awareness raising in their target area. They will be working in schools and communities in Kizonzo and Mseko village in addition to the market at Malendi to promote good hygiene practice.

Team Ndebwe

Team Ndebwe will be continuing with the construction of their school latrine blocks as well as expanding their awareness raising campaigns. They will be working with youth and women’s groups to spread knowledge and understanding of good health and hygiene.

Team Mvumi

This week Team Mvumi will continue to work alongside the local community in constructing school sanitation blocks. They have been busy doing their action research and hope to complete their baseline surveys this week. A community sports day is being organised by the team for this weekend, which includes a big football match.

Team Batini

After their training on rocket stoves last week, Team Batini are continuing their rocket stove awareness raising campaign in the village, speaking to the local community about their benefits and helping families to construct them.  This week they continue their SWASH lessons at the local school and are working towards setting up an ‘Environment Club’ as well as finishing off their action research.  Team Batini are also organising some work experience days this week, including some volunteers visiting the local mill.