Updates From Solithum: Teamwork makes the Water Scheme Work

11th June 2018

Volunteers working with the community

A colorful atmosphere characterized our mornings, thanks to a loud speaker playing a variety of Nepali and English music and good vibes all round. Mother nature presented us with some obstacles, such as extreme heat and rain, but never the less our work and spirits were not dampened. The determination and passion of the community was a huge incentive, although the first day their punctuality was left to be desired the rest of the days it was not a problem, nor was the stereotype of rural life since women and youths worked as hard as anyone.

Human chain by the volunteers and team leaders

This comradeship helped up strengthen our bond with the community and made us proud to say our host village is Solithum.


Written by,
Jonathan and Michael
November Charlie 8


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Raleigh ICS Nepal