Alpha Updates: Round Two!

6th August 2015

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Believe it or not but expedition 15D is already halfway through! With expedition 15I ending a few of days ago, we were sad but had to bid our goodbyes to our 5-week volunteers who were nothing but an AMAZING addition to the already AMAZING expedition. Now let’s roll to find out what Alpha Satu to Enam is up to at the moment!


Alpha One

To date, the volunteers of Alpha One Phase Two have been connecting pipes for the new toilets around the beautiful village of Sonsogon Magandai.  They have also been digging holes for the septic tanks and mixing concrete for the tandas (toilets). In the evenings they have also been interacting with the villagers and are being spoilt by the beautiful sunsets before dinner!

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Alpha Two

The team of Alpha Two are now currently still in the process of painting the Community Learning Centre. Next up is to complete the ceiling and the stairs of the building.  Fieldbase staff have just been back from visiting them and they have had a lot of fun being entertained by our very creative volunteers!


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Alpha Three

These guys have been up to quite a bit of digging in Danum Valley! Wheelbarrows of gravel have also been transported by our mighty volunteers to the worksite for the purpose of mixing concrete. All the hard work will pay off when they go for a trip to Danum Valley’s observation tower to enjoy the magnificent view!

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Alpha Four

As for Alpha Four, they have been mixing cement to fill the hole for the suspension bridge posts.  They aim to complete one of the holes before moving onto the second by the end of the phase. During their much needed rest periods they have also been doing some Yoga, Salsa and volleyball sessions with the rangers. Boy do they know how to have some fun in between!

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Alpha Five and Six

The trekkers will be over half way through their trek by the time this blog is up. They have had long and tiring hours with short treks in between, up hills and downhills with dry and the occasional wet days. A few of the Fieldbase staff have just been to visit the team with their re-supplies and we are happy to report that everyone is still smiling and up for the challenging remaining days ahead!

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