Venturer Training: Meet Delta 2

12th July 2017

Our first Delta 2 member is David. He’s an active member of Raleigh Bermuda so knows what Raleigh is all about – and this is his third expedition. So far, he’s loving the challenge; “Raleigh really pushes you, and I’ve found out things about myself that I didn’t know before – which is important before finding a career and settling down.” So far, Borneo is ticking the boxes for him; “I’ve fallen in love with Borneo’s jungle. I’m really looking forward to the environmental phase, learning how to conserve the jungle, and finding out more about how important it really is as a natural resource.”

David making a run for the lead during Raleigh Olympics.

Alex is one of our International Venturers from the UK. He says; “I’ve done a lot of negative things in my life and I wanted to do something positive and make some good changes. That’s why I’m on Raleigh. All my friends said I couldn’t do it, or I wouldn’t follow through, so I worked hard to be here. It’s amazing so far; I’m really looking forward to the community projects.”

Alex (right) with David during allocations.

Reyneilda is one of our Host Country Venturers (HCVs) and a member of Raleigh Sabah. She’s currently studying Conservation Biology at university, so Raleigh is right up her street – in fact, she’s wanted to come as a venturer for a while now; “Borneo is a hotspot for flora and fauna, so I’m most looking forward to the environmental projects as that’s what I’m studying too.” What does she think of Raleigh so far? “I’m feeling good about Raleigh. It’s a good mix of cultures, and I’m looking forward to making more friends while developing my leadership and building my confidence.”

Reyneilda (left) and Syrbino (right) during radio training.

Syrbino is also one of our Host Country Venturers. He found out about Raleigh when his village was part of one of the projects; “This was very beneficial to our village, and Raleigh helped us to build a library. I really like volunteering and helping people, so I’m looking forward to going out to villages as well.” Syrbino is looking forward to working on his leadership – and is finding that a good morning walk is what sets him up for a busy day of training.

Syrbino, Kevin and Reyneilda (left to right) during jungle training.

Kevin, another HCV, came to Raleigh for the new experiences and to help local people; “Through Raleigh I hope to find out who I really am.” So far, he’s enjoying the teamwork and sums it up in one word – “Awesome”. He’s also looking forward to developing his language skills through making friends with international volunteers while experiencing all Raleigh has to offer, especially the trek and community projects.

Ben’s summary of his first few days is simple; “It’s a little bit sweaty.” But, he’s having a great time nonetheless – “My sister told me how brilliant Raleigh was, and when she came back from her expedition she was so different and carefree. So far, it’s really good – I love Borneo, the jungle, sleeping in a hammock, and even the porridge is banging. I’m looking forward to trek and reaching the waterfall camp, but also getting involved in communities to improve their livelihoods.”

Ben (left) with David and Keisha during jungle camp training.

Keisha has made the long trip to Borneo from Bermuda. For her, Raleigh was a whole new experience and something that helped her make positive changes; “Raleigh is an experience like no other. To be able to say that only 4 days into the programme says a lot and certainly makes me more eager for what else is to come. I’m looking forward to finding out a lot about myself, and I’m excited to experience all of the different phases and projects.”

Keisha (left) and Andrea (right) are ready for their practice trek.

Andrea, also from Raleigh Bermuda, is looking forward to having opportunities to find herself; “I want to be pushed outside my comfort zone and to see what I’m capable of.” For her, Raleigh is about confidence; “It’s made me feel more confident in my own skin. Through this expedition I will shape my own identity and be the best version of myself I can be when I finally return to Bermuda.”

Look out for more from all our Venturers, coming soon.

Interviews conducted by Kevin, assisted by Seb
Supporting words by Emily
Photos by Saoirse


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Upcoming dates for Raleigh Borneo:

11th-21st July: Loop visits to all project sites
24th July: Trek finishes
26th July: Changeover 1
29th July: Phase 2 begins

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