Venturers arrive and the journey begins

9th October 2014

Venturers getting off coach

A very warm welcome awaited the venturers who have safely arrived from all over the world to our training centre in Morogoro, to take part in this expedition. Their personal journey has begun - through the challenges and adventures that lie ahead, gaining new knowledge and skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Young venturers from all different backgrounds, nationalities and circumstances will work alongside each other on the sustainable development projects and the adventure challenge. Many will become leaders of the future and, as active citizens, will create change in communities across the globe. So, venturers, let the adventure begin!

Venturers getting off coach

The venturers on this expedition come from as far afield as China, Holland, Germany, Colombia, Switzerland and Britain as well as from Tanzania itself. Altogether, we have 45 venturers on this expedition, with 15 from Tanzania and the remainder from abroad. It's a great chance to make friends across the world, as well as to learn more about not only different cultures but also all the things we have in common.

Venturers arrive

The venturers are already making friends and getting settled in. Over the next few days, they will have loads of fun and intensive practical training, team building and games.

Trangia training individual

(A venturer gets to grips with the "what goes where" conundrum when putting together a camping stove! Photo taken by Carly)

A message from friends or family is always very welcome at this time, especially as many of our young venturers will be learning how to live without phone and facebook for the first time! All messages from the blog will be passed on and if you're not 100% sure about how to do this, check out our Staying in touch guide

The venturers will all leave for their different projects next Wednesday. I'll be updating the blog then, once we find out who is going where... always an exciting time for everyone!