The venturers have arrived! Phase one allocations revealed!

3rd July 2017

After some long journeys for our international volunteers and some shorter journeys for the Nepalese, our venturers did not get much rest for the next couple of days following their arrival. Straight from the airport the bus brought them to the training center in Dhading, which is approximately a three hour journey from Kathmandu, so their Raleigh Expedition can finally begin.

The three days of induction started with some name games and a couple of Ice breakers, to keep everyone energised and for some to keep them awake after their long journey. And of course, our venturers were welcomed in traditional Nepalese style with red tika on the forehead and a scarf around the neck.

After a typical Nepalese lunch of Dal-Bhat, everybody became more relaxed and with the awkwardness of meeting a lot of new people fading, their training started. Venturer induction involved learning about the Nepalese culture, health & safety and the procedures Raleigh have in place to keep everyone safe and our medical team taught them how to perform CPR to the beat of  ‘Staying alive’ amongst other sessions.

Then came allocations day, where our venturers came to know with who they will spending the next phase with and which project they will deploy to. In order to reveal the allocations, we asked all the venturers to stand in a circle with their eyes closed while the volunteer managers put different symbols on their forehead with red (7&10 week) and yellow (5 week) tika. Depending on the symbol on their forehead they could figure out in which group they are in.

Now in their Phase 1 groups, the rest of the day focused on getting to know their group and packing their bags, because the next day they deployed!

You are now probably very curious which venturer will be working on which project in the next weeks. See below where we will reveal the groups.

Raleigh summer expedition 17I (7&10 weeks)

Group NE1 will be working on a Water, Sanitation & Hygiene project in the Community of Baltar for the next three weeks. This group will be under the eye of our volunteer managers Illy Boyes, Lisa Lyon and Bhuwan Chalise.

Group NE1, back left to right: Sheika, Illy, Ka Sheung, Bhuwan, Alex, Nisha, Yuvraz.
Front left to right: Will, Melissa, Lisa, Demetria, Shaylee.

The second group, group NE2, will also be working on a Water, Sanitation & Hygiene project in the Community of Adhikari Gaun under the supervision of our volunteer managers Neville Vanderpool and Bimal Kusi.

Group NE2, back from left to right: Neville, Gabija, Lucy, Steph, Bimal.
Front from left to right: Robert, Ryan, Tej, Cian, Hanson.

The last group of 17I is group NE3, who will be undertaking the adventure challenge 19 days trek. Trek will be challenging, but the views are absolutely stunning.  The volunteer managers who will be leading group NE3 are Clare Morgan, Roisin Lindsay and Anish Manandhar.

Group NE3, back from left to right: Noah, Anastasia, Rickie, Tijn, Alex, Ciaran, Bishal.
Front from left to right: Yu, Anish, Clare, Roisin.

Raleigh summer expedition 17J (5 week)
17J consists of 2 groups. Both groups will start with a trek of 9 days. After 9 days the groups will be back at the training center where they will be divided again in different groups. They will then be deployed to a community where they will finish their Raleigh experience.

Group NE4, are with the volunteer managers Dimitri Huguet, Hannah Rowlatt and Pratap Shrestha.

Group NE4, back from left to right: William, Pratap, Kenan, Mishan, Jan-Willem, Dimitri, Christopher.
Front from left to right: Yik Lok, Hannah, Sneha, Gwenyth, Rosabel.

And last but not least, we have group NE5, with volunteer managers Imma Shah, Leila Tronchin-James and Roshan Magar.

Group NE5, back from left to right: Alex, Vlad, George.
Middle from left to right: Dhiraj, Alexander, Roshan.
Front from left to right: Evie, Imma, Leila, Anna, Bipusa.

We wish the groups lots of fun and may they experience the time of their life.

Whats Next?

Monday 10th July – 17J 5 week groups return from Trek

Wednesday 12th July – 17J 5 week groups deploy to Community projects

Friday 21st July – 17I 10&7 week return from phase one

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