All change! Venturers join their new teams for phase two

5th November 2014

Team Alpha one, phase 2

Yesterday, our enthusiastic venturers set off to their new projects, based throughout Tanzania. They will be away for the next three weeks, before returning back to Morogoro to swap projects again for the last three weeks of the expedition. This blog lets you know the new team members for each group.

The next team to go trekking (team Alpha one) are:

Team Alpha one, phase 2

Back row: Arthur (PM); Njinja; James (PM/Medic); Andrew; Tristrum; Suzanne (PM/Medic); Tabu; Milou

Front row: Laura; Hannah; Happyness; Merte; Louis; Ibrahim

To read more about the trek, click on this link: Alpha one - trek


The new team who will be working on the school sanitation project  in Hangomba (Alpha three) are:

Team Alpha three, phase 2

Back row: Hannah; Sophie; Olivia; Kate; Judy (PM); Louise (PM)

Front row: Theophily; Gregoire; Will; Joseph; Shafii; Amani

In front: Zandra (PM/Medic)

To read more about this project, click on this link:Alpha three - school sanitation


The new group who will be taking part in the water and hygiene project in Gongoni (team Alpha four) are:

Team Alpha four, phase 2

David (PM); Steve (PM); Gerard; Dickson; Fadhila; Emma (PM)

                               Reinalt; Sam

               Tally; Ruby; Georgette; Gemma


To read more about this project, click on this link:Alpha four - water and hygiene


And finally, the team heading off to the early childhood development centre in Salawe (team Alpha five) are:

Team A5 phase 2

Back row: Carly (PM); Caroline (PM); Dan; Jackline; Tory; Alex

Front row: Hayley (PM/Medic); Laura; Ahmadi; Ben; Megan; Kate

In front: Tatu

To read more about this project, click on this link: Alpha five - pre-school


The teams set off to their project sites yesterday morning and, through this blog, we will let you know how they get on.