Volunteer Spotlight: Benjamin and Claire join Raleigh from BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA

28th February 2018


“I’ve always wanted to do something like Raleigh, so when I had the chance to get involved in this through my bank I tried my best to be involved in it.

We are here to support three Raleigh trainers on an entrepreneurship programme. We firstly supported the entrepreneurs to make their SWOT (a tool which details the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a business) and their business plans so that they would be really aware on how to manage different scenarios in their business. Many of the business plans are based around agriculture, so we showed the entrepreneurs how agricultural businesses developed 50 years ago in Europe to inspire them.

As my parents are farmers and I used to work with them on the farm, I have lots of skills in agriculture. I wanted to share my point of view regarding the agriculture in Europe and show how those methods could work here.

I think all participants will have a better life after this training. They all seem really interested in this training and have said that they have learnt lots of things. It will help many of them to expand their businesses. They will also share their skills with others in their community who aren’t able to attend this training, so it will help others to also have a better and easier life.

For me, to see how all participants have worked during these 2 weeks, and to see how happy they are to come to this training and get involved has been really rewarding. They are doing lots of great work regarding different businesses, and they are always smiling throughout which is a really nice thing.

I am glad to come on this project and see the partnership. This kind of project has shown me that if people from the richest countries want to come to help and support developing countries like Nepal, it can succeed. I’ve seen how entrepreneurs on this programme are going to succeed in their businesses and how they will improve the quality of life in their country, so I think everyone can win.”


“When BNP announced the partnership with Raleigh I was one of the first to want to be involved. So when the opportunity came up to volunteer on a project in Nepal, I thought it was a great opportunity to be part of a great cause.

On this two-week programme we have been training aspiring entrepreneurs on how to develop business plans. My work as a BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA  volunteer is to support Raleigh’s trainers on this project. I have been supporting by bringing in knowledge about agricultural businesses in Europe, sharing my knowledge and exchanging ideas on how agriculture is done in Europe, and exploring how these methods could be adapted in Nepal.

I think this training is really amazing. Every person taking part in this programme has been really involved and are working hard to have their own business. For the entrepreneurs, this programme is not just about making money, it’s about gaining financial independence and being able to raise their families, so I think it is really good.

Everything was special about this experience. The best point about this programme was the people I’ve met. The woman in my host family was very special. We are the same age, but our lives are totally different. I think I will remember her for my entire life.

Being able to come to Nepal and see the partnership in action has been a really valuable experience. It’s not the same to simply hear the story of a project and to see it with your own eyes. I’ve met great people on this project and have had had the chance to share the same living conditions as the people that live here, and this has been a really amazing experience.”

Raleigh International is proud to partner with BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA. Find out more about Benjamin and Claire’s recent skills-based volunteer project in Gorkha.

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