Volunteers arrive and training begins!

24th June 2015

Volunteers in hall

On Monday, our 52 volunteers from the UK arrived safely in Dar es Salaam and made their way to Raleigh ICSE's training ground (WOCO) in the town of Morogoro to join our volunteers from Tanzania.

After being welcomed with a lively song and dance prepared by their Tanzanian counterparts the volunteers began their week-long training programme which will prepare them for life in the communities and give them more information about what exactly they will be doing over the next ten weeks. 

Volunteers in hall

Over the next week our volunteers will be trained in health safety, cultural awareness and communications not to mention a more in-depth look at the ICSE programme. They will meet with local business owners as well as with East African Dairy Development (EADD), our project partner which will give them an idea of existing businesses in Tanzania and insight into the dairy industry. The training aims to provide our volunteers with all the skills and knowledge they need to live in their villages and train their young entrepreneurs.  The group will remain at WOCO until Sunday when they will begin their journeys to the rural communities in the Southern Highlands region of Tanzania.

15X V Induction

On Saturday we will announce our volunteers groups and their villages for the next ten weeks so check back later to find out where everyone is going!