Week Update from Adamar

23rd August 2017

Everybody walked to the upper community on Saturday to watch the skilled masons constructing a handwashing station and to learn what stones need to be collected for the foundations and walls. Its amazing how much can be achieved with just rocks and cement.

In other news we have also enjoyed another WASH themed youth group session, attended a women’s group meeting and held a team ‘Period Day’. This was to ensure all members were clued up on the biology and to discuss how British and Nepali attitudes differ on the subject. There was a Q & A and sanitary pad demonstration. After this the training committee led a reusable pad making demonstration with very varied success. We hope that the women’s group, with their far superior sewing skills, will do a better job when we demonstrate to the community.

Torrential rain (even worse than the daily rainstorms) has caused the river to triple in size, with streams springing up all along the mountain. On the bright side, it made the team trip to the waterfall much more exciting, down the winding ‘path’ led by three young locals keeping us away from any steep drops and unstable sections of the route. By that time of day, the shade was a perfect temperature and it was very peaceful. Only Tim was bitten by a leech and nobody has been allowed to forget!

Adamar is such a unique and beautiful place that not even a photograph worth 1000 words can do it justice.


Written By Hester

November Charlie 9

Adamar, Makwanpur

Photos By WOCHEND, Makwanpur

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