Weekly Updates – Week 1

20th February 2015

Rocket Stove C1

The first week of a project is always crucial for our field teams as they establish themselves in the community and begin to build strong relationships with key partners who will help them maximize their impact.

Each week we will give a weekly update on all groups and different groups will write a feature blog on varying topics.  Keep checking each week to see what the groups are talking about.  Here are the updates for the first week on project...

Team Batini are spending time with their new host families, trying to foster those domestic bonds that will make their time in the village so unique. They have also been putting up their team storage tent and going through key points of health and safety that will keep the volunteers safe and active during their time in the village. They are undertaking action research in the nearby village of Mbuyuni to find out the current level of knowledge on water and sanitation issues and have obtained the materials needed to start building some demonstration rocket stoves.

Rocket Stove C1

Team Mgaga have really hit the ground running and have a busy week ahead planned. This week they will be beginning their Action Research by conducting and collating data from their Household Surveys, as they go from home to home asking probing questions that should give the team an important insight into the problems of sanitation and hygiene experienced by the people of their village. They are planning a football game against the local team this week.

Team Idifu have been busy intergrating into the community. They have built tippy taps at all their homestays to help raise the awareness of good hand hygiene. They will be carrying out Action Reseach not only in thier village but also in eight sub-villages in the surrounding area. The team have planned a disccusion and team debate on the eight MDGs.

Team Kikombo are also busy getting to know their community and making important strides with their Action Research. This week they are beginning their Household Surveys, where they will visit a large proportion of the households in their host community, talking to the homemakers and getting their invaluable insight on the issues that need addressing in their area. They will also be meeting influential local groups and individuals that will help improve the reach and impact of their project by adding their local knowledge and notoriety to the team’s energy and innovation. They are also doing English and Swahili lessons within the team.  

Team Solowu have been been busy; they have set up their storage tent and done a tour of the village to make sure all the volunteers know their whereabouts. They have set up a meeting with the Village Executive Officer, started planning SWASH lessons for the local primary school, started on their surveys for the households, adults and children. To help the team get to know each other they have also planned some games to get to your partner and Swahili/English lessons.

Team Kizonzo will be meeting teachers at the local primary and secondary schools as well as the local Village Executive Officer. They will also be catching up with important community groups that help them spread their message of good health and hygiene, like women’s groups and youth groups. By conducting surveys, focus groups and questionnaires the team will use their Action Research results to better understand the issues facing their host communities, and with this information will orientate their project activities and objectives.

School kids

Team Endanachan are already getting stuck into construction. The team has been helping out with the digging of a trench that will eventually be part of a new water system bringing clean water to the village. Alongside this they are beginning their Action Research and conducting meetings with the local village leader to help integrate their plans into village life.

Team Endamarick will also be getting their Household Surveys underway. They have constructed their team storage tent and a tippy tap. While constructing the tippy tap they gave lessons to the local school children about how to use it, why they should use it and when they should use it. They are meeting with their project partner and the Chairman of the village to talk about starting the construction of the trench for local water pipes. To make the wider community aware of tippy taps they are constructing a demonstration one at the Chairman’s shop in the middle of the village, hoping that the location of it will be a focal point and help raise awareness to the wider community.


Team Kinnihe have also been busy settling into their new home. The team has constructed their camp and has really focused on building their team dynamic. The next stage will be Action Research, as they, along with the other Raleigh ICS Tanzania groups, explore their project areas and find out more about the issues facing the people within the community of Kinnihe.