Weird and wonderful world records from Nepal

11th March 2016

1. The world’s smallest man

Chandra Bahadur Dangi gained world-wide attention in 2012 when he was named as the world’s smallest man ever. At 54.6cm tall, he knocked the previous record-holder Gul Mohammed (57cm tall) off the top spot. Chandra was in good company growing up, as three of his five brothers were also less than four feet tall.

Niranjan Shrestha/AP

2. The world’s densest concentration of World Heritage Sites

Nepal is home to twelve World Heritage sites, seven of which are in Kathmandu Valley. The close proximity of these amazing sites to each other has put Nepal in the record books, making it a must-see for many around the world. The pagodas and temples of this region are truly stunning! 


3. The world’s only non-quadrilateral flag

The national flag is one of a kind. Made up of two triangles, Nepal’s flag is the only five-sided flag in the world. Its red colour is representative of the country’s national flower, the Rhododendron, while the blue border is to symbolise peace.


4. The world’s longest handshake

While the mountains have provided a backdrop for some of Nepal’s greatest physical endeavours, it’s not their only great physical feat. Between 4-6 March 2011, two men from Nepal broke the record for the world’s longest handshake. At 42hrs and 35mins, it is the world’s longest greeting, although since the two are brothers, we suspect this wasn’t the first time they met…

5. The most tennis balls held in one hand

People in Nepal must be good with their hands. In 2013, Narayan Timalsina broke another wacky world record by holding 24 tennis balls in one hand.  Now there’s a skill that’ll come in handy!



6. Most kicks to the head in one minute

In 2013, Puskar Nepal set a new world record by kicking himself in the head for one minute. Puskar managed a total of 134 kicks to his own forehead in sixty seconds, and as his reward he now is a world record-holder. We hope someone had a bag of frozen peas ready for him at the end of that one…

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