Welcome 16I Venturers!

1st July 2016

The 28 international and five host country volunteers begin five days training to prepare them for the next seven or ten weeks during which they will be empowered to create lasting change working alongside local communities in the Gorkha region.

The Venturers have been allocated training teams – Tango 1-3 – each co-led by an international and a host country Volunteer Manager. After theory and practical sessions on health and safety, hygiene, casualty evacuation, communications and sessions on Nepali culture and personal development, the volunteers will enjoy a practice trek in the Baireni hills and even have time to compete in the Raleigh Olympics!

16I Venturers arriving Baireni  Completing the final part of the journey to the training centre on foot

At Raleigh, we believe that young people are one of the most important resources the world has, yet they are often undervalued, underestimated and expected to underachieve. We’re working to change that through our expeditions.

Expedition begins with a 14 day trek that will take in Barpak – the epicentre of last year’s earthquake – and the foothills of Manaslu, the eighth tallest mountain in the world. The focus of this part of our young volunteers’ experience will be on creating a youth leadership culture, with Venturers encouraged to take turns in guiding and developing their team by being ‘Day Leader’.

After changeover and phase 1 review new teams are allocated different Volunteer Manager partners to head out to phase 2 – the community resilience part of the programme – where they will be based in the heart of local villages. Working alongside community members, our young volunteers will be trained by project partner, Build Up Nepal, in the technology to produce compressed earth bricks before learning how to build earthquake resilient homes for a sustainable future.

Sammy (main picture), from Liverpool is on a gap year after hearing about Raleigh through school a few years ago. On her return to the UK she is off to university in Sheffield to study dentistry.

“My original motivation to take part in Expedition was to help people affected by the earthquake. I hope to become a better team leader to increase my skills for future employment and am also looking forward to learning about different cultures.”

16I Venturers Parbin and KarnPrabin, left and Karn, right, take part in a name game during morning Energiser

From Lamjung, Western Nepal, trek guide, Prabin has recently completed his trekking licence course.

“I’m really excited about Expedition. I’m hoping to build up my confidence and skills for future work and am really enjoying it so far.”

Karn is from Redhill in the UK and joined Expedition on friends’ recommendation while on a gap year planning what to do next.

“I feel privileged and want to learn about how people in other less privileged environments live so I can give back but also test my own self resilience on trek. I’m  excited about being immersed in a new culture.”

16I Venturers Emily and David S

Emily and David (front) enjoy the ‘Ninja’ Energiser with Angus, George and David (left to right, back)

Emily from Cambridge in the UK heard about Raleigh from ‘really inspiring speakers’ at sixth form while studying A levels and looking at gap year options.

“I chose Raleigh as they were the organisation that stood out as really making a proper difference – their projects being truly sustainable. I’m a bit nervous about the early starts but really excited about the views and mostly about making a difference,  helping build someone a house.”

Raleigh Bermuda alumni and mentor, David, was originally inspired to join a Raleigh Expedition after his brother took part in Namibia in 2007.

“I joined Tanzania in 2013 as I wanted to share the experience of volunteering in an African country with my brother and fell in love with the Raleigh culture, experience and the sense of community.

“I’m excited about being on the first Raleigh Nepal Expedition and hope to return as a Project Manager in the future.”

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What’s next?

4 July – Deploy to Phase one – trek

5 July – 16J (5 week) Advance Volunteer Managers arrive

12 July – 16J Volunteer Managers arrive

18 July – 16I Phase 1 review/changeover


Photo credits: Bruno Oliveira


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