Welcome back!

29th October 2013

RVD 0004

Recently we held our very first Returning Volunteer Day at WAMO, base for all of our Expeditions.

In January it will be one year since the very first Raleigh Tanzania Expedition, 13B, started so the timing of this day couldn’t have been better to look at the impact Raleigh and volunteers have had on the communities in such a short space of time.

RVD 0004

30 Host Country Venturers and Volunteers (HCVs) from all of Raleigh Tanzania's previous expeditions, including Tanzania’s very first core and ICS programmes, spent the day at WAMO learning about the effect their projects have had on the communities they worked with and how they supported each of the Millennium Development Goals.

Breaking out into small groups the HCVs spent some time talking about their experiences and what they had learned and experienced about communities, culture and development during their Expedition. They then discussed as a whole group how they had used the MDGs as a basis for all their work with Raleigh and which in particular their projects had helped to support.

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After reflecting on their past the group looked at the present. They discussed Tanzania and how development stands now. The group were very vocal and passionate about what they believed in and what they each thought could be changed and developed for the better. They had all experienced how poor sanitation, health and education was still in many areas of Tanzania and all agreed that more needed to be done to promote change in these areas.

Working together the HCVs were all keen to identify areas that could be worked on at a national level, at a community level and what they as individuals could change and work towards.

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This led neatly on to a discussion of the future and the HCV's Action At Home plans.

Action At Home is all about continuing to make a positive difference after Raleigh. It can be anything from visiting schools and colleges to tell people about your Raleigh experience to raising awareness about issues through various mediums – films, fundraising, presentations etc. Our HCVs all made pledges to carry out their Action at Home plans, and to help each other out where they could.

This was an incredible day to be a part of and to spend time with so many inspiring volunteers who are working towards making a real difference in their own country.