Welcome Project Managers

19th June 2013

CRN 13GH JK FB 7198 blog

5 minute warning! An early-morning phone call let us know that the Project Managers were in Turrialba and would be arriving at Fieldbase in just a few minutes.

Cue some nervous moments on the porch as we waited with anticipation to be reunited with friends from our Development Weekend as well as some new faces.

The bus pulled up and before the passengers had a chance to stand up, Pedro had jumped aboard to welcome them to Costa Rica. A great cheer from everyone and then a mess of hugs and chatter as the new arrivals got on with exploring their home for the next couple of weeks.

CRN 13GH JK FB 7198 blog

After a long journey, everyone was pretty happy when food was announced as the first thing on the agenda for the day. And no-one was disappointed when they saw the traditional Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto, local cheese and fried plantain that awaited.

“Is this what it’s always like?” they asked hopefully. We who knew better just smiled and nodded.

CRN 13GH JK FB 7168 blog

And then they were off: getting their tour of the base, donning swimsuits for the mandatory assessment, and bagsying the best beds for the night.

 CRN 13GH JK FB 7174 blog

As everyone is busy settling in, I’ll leave this post with the words of welcome from the in-country staff:

“Every expedition is unique. It is unique because you are. The next two weeks of training will be some of the most intense weeks of your life. There will be ups and downs. But that’s normal. It will be tough. Enjoy your time together – the people sat next to you today will be your friends and your family. You may not get on all of the time but when all is done you’ll probably be friends for life.”

Basically the Type 2 fun* is about to begin.

*Type 1 fun: an activity that is fun at the time. Type 2 fun: an activity that is only fun in retrospect.