Welcome to Raleigh Tanzania ICS 2014…

23rd January 2014



Welcome to the blog for the 14P ICS Teams from sunny Tanzania! 

Having arrived in Tanzania a week ago, the advance team have been busy getting ready for the eagerly awaited arrival of our Team Leaders!  We’ve all settled in and have been getting to grips with our new roles whilst also acclimatising to the heat!

This is where all 14P projects will be managed from, and the base for the Team Leaders during their training in the first couple of weeks in Tanzania.


Let me introduce you to the team so far…


From L - R:
Alex is the Country Director, overseeing all the programmes run from Raleigh Tanzania and has been working here for 6 months.

Martin is the National Volunteer Co-ordinator, recruiting the Tanzanian volunteers who are part of our ICS programmes.  Martin has also been working with Raleigh Tanzania since its set up.

Hazel is the Deputy Programme Manager, returning to Raleigh after having been a Team Leader in India last summer.

TJ is in charge of Programme Delivery having been the Deputy Programme Leader for the Autumn programme last year.

Carolyn is the Country Programme Leader.  This will be Carolyn’s third ICS programme having worked for Raleigh Tanzania since it was set up a year ago.

Catherine has previously been a Medic on a Raleigh programme in India and has now come to join the team in Tanzania as the Medic out here.

Jovin has been working with Raleigh as the Logistics Intern since September and heads up the logistics for ICS.

We have some really exciting projects for our teams this Spring which you will find out about in future blogs.  I’m (Hazel) off to Dar Es Saalam today to meet the Team Leaders as their plane lands!


Safari njema!