Welcome Venturers!

3rd July 2013

CRN 13G KW FB Hotel 6 walk to FB-5520 640x427

Remember your first day at school? Or waiting to be interviewed in a room full of other candidates?

Now multiply that feeling to an international level. Add some jet-lag, an early start, and foreign languages. Ok – you’re probably getting close to what today feels like for our new volunteers.

Remember the other thing about those kinds of days? You know... the really good thing.

Everyone is in exactly the same boat.

Thankfully this isn't school - or a job interview. This is Expedition 13G and today is when it really begins!

The volunteers arrived safe, happy and just a little bleary-eyed from the airport this morning. Resilient folk that they are, they’re already busy settling in to their new home, getting over initial nerves and making new friends.

CRN 13G KW FB Hotel 6 walk to FB-5520 640x427

From all over the world, these young people have decided to do something different, leave their home comforts behind and challenge themselves in a new environment.

Most will have been preparing for weeks and months, making that initial life-changing decision to join up, attending assessment weekends and using all their creativity to fundraise their way here.

Already I’ve heard about the 80km walks completed in 24 hours, evenings spent planning and hosting ‘come dine with me’ competitions, and sponsored skydives. We’ve got a good bunch here.

They may not remember all of today (it can be pretty full on) but here’s what they’ve been up to.

After a hearty breakfast and an even heartier welcome from Pedro and Liz they were teamed up and whisked off for a whirlwind tour of the base.

CRN 13G KW FB Hotel 6-5512 640x427 CRN 13G KW FB Hotel 4-5517 640x427

Having checked-in to their luxurious accommodation, they had a chance to cool off in the pool during their swim assessment before a round robin of photos, admin, lunch and radio training.

CRN 13G KW FB Hotel12 radio training-5765 427x640  CRN 13G KW FB Hotel78 radio training-5774 640x427

Tomorrow they’ll find out which Alpha groups they’re in and then they’ll be off to jungle camp for a day of trekking and night of wild camping. It’s a busy week of training ahead but we reckon they’re up to the job!