31st May 2013

Mambo! Welcome to the Raleigh Tanzania blog. We will be starting our summer expeditions very soon and have lots of eager volunteers from all around the world coming here to Morogoro, Tanzania. This expedition our volunteers will be working on projects all around the country to:
  • Increase access to primary education for all
  • Promote the sustainable use of natural resources
  • Mitigate the risk of human – animal conflict
All the projects will work towards the Millennium Development Goals, in particular: TC3 The groups will also see how communities live first hand when they trek through the Iringa area and learn how to be self-sufficient and work as a team to complete the challenge. We are preparing for the arrival of our volunteers with our project partners and the host communities as well as recruiting all our young Tanzanian volunteers who will be joining the programme. This is keeping us busy until the arrival of our first Volunteer Managers on the 2nd June swiftly followed by the rest of the VM team on the 9th June. We are looking forward to everyone arriving and we hope that you will follow our work and achievements throughout the expeditions!

Karibu Sana!