What is the 4th challenge?

11th December 2013

IMG 0781

IMG 0781

Raleigh’s vision is to have a global community of like-minded, inspired and inspiring people who are committed to making a positive impact on the world.  The fourth challenge is to make a difference worldwide when Venturers and PMs return home. 

Whether that be continuing to volunteer with Raleigh International at open events and recruitment fairs or carrying on the volunteering spirit with other organisations or simply getting a group together to make an impact somewhere, somehow.  

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Here in Borneo, the Raleigh Sabah Society has been embracing the 4th challenge and on December 1st held an event - “Painting to make the kids smile”.  The event was in aid of supporting a disability unit in Kota Kinabalu that houses 30 disabled people; Cheshire House is a Disability Resource Centre that offers a variety of programs to help individuals with disabilities succeed. As a registered, Non Government Organization, they provide residential care and training to promote independence for individuals with disabilities. The Raleigh Sabah Society arranged to visit Cheshire house at the beginning of this month to brighten up their home.  The building in which the Cheshire residents live is relatively new and therefore the walls are completely blank with little colour. 

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Christian, Host Country Co-ordinator here at Raleigh Borneo, and 14 others helped paint a number of murals on the walls of this house to really brighten up the lives of these individuals.  

The group that attended the event was made up of a mixture of Raleigh Alumni, university students and students from Kota Kinabalu high school.  Christian said “we came to this house as we felt the children needed something beautiful to look at”.  The event helped raise the awareness of the needs of disabled people and was also an opportunity to spread the word of the Raleigh Sabah Society.

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The next event for the society will be an Introduction Weekend in January where potential Host-Country Venturers can see what life is really like on an expedition here in Borneo.

Kat Townsend
Communications Officer