What’s happening behind the scenes?

12th February 2016

Expedition 16A is nearly here, the Volunteer Managers and Fieldbase staff are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the expedition Volunteers with final training and preparations.

All Volunteer Managers have arrived back to Fieldbase from their Project Planning Visits (PPVs) bursting with insight and information ready to lead the soon to arrive Volunteers on their individual Raleigh experiences.

While they have been on PPV, the Logistics Team of Sarah, Eliz and Nadya have been busy back at Fieldbase working hard behind the scenes to ensure that all the Volunteer Managers and Volunteers will have all the tools, equipment, resources and materials they need. The Logistics Team are essential to the smooth running of the expedition. Sarah, Eliz and Nadya all excel with their great organisational and administrative skills to do an excellent job.

Nadya, a Volunteer Manager from Malaysia, recently left her job in West Malaysia as a lecturer in shipping operations and has taken time out from her busy logistics role to give us some insight to why she joined Raleigh Borneo.

Nadya, 33, is from Kuala Lumpur and first heard of Raleigh International when one her best friends, Joe, took part in Raleigh in Chile when they were 17. On Joe’s return Nadya witnessed first-hand the positive impact it had on him and the opportunities it opened for his career. Joe is still an active member of the Raleigh Sabah Society.

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Nadya has a passion for youth development and gained experience of working with young people from different backgrounds having recently volunteered teaching English in a remote Cambodian community.

“I feel privileged at the opportunity to volunteer in my own country. Coming to Borneo has allowed me to experience parts of Malaysia that I would never usually be exposed to . I am fascinated how the environments from my home in the more generally developed West differs so greatly to the more generally undisturbed East”

“I feel fortunate to be able to work with young people from different backgrounds in particular from my home country Malaysia. I have personal experience of receiving support when I was younger and I credit these positive role models and experiences to empower me to have the confidence to move my life in a direction I wanted. I really value how Raleigh works with young volunteers from different countries and create opportunities that aren’t readily available. I believe that Raleigh puts young people in situations that force them to re-evaluate their outlook and eventually their life choices. I am excited to be able to be part of this process when the Volunteers arrive.”

“My Logistics Team and I are really keen for the Volunteer’s arrival to see all our hard work in action. Being in the logistics role I have loved making sure all the tools and equipment are ready to go for the projects that are just about to begin. Since starting only three weeks ago my organisational skills have been put to the test from preparing over 80 hammocks, packing around 50 tool boxes to coordinating all the food supplies for the whole expedition team of around 120 people. We can’t wait for all the planning and preparing to get put into action!”

Looking Ahead
12th February 2016 – Host country Volunteers arrive
13th February 2016 – Volunteers arrive and expedition 16A gets into full swing
18th February 2016 – Phase 1 deployment
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