What’s been happening in Coupe 1?

20th October 2016

What’s been happening in Coupe 1?

This expedition Alpha 4 will be working in Coupe 1 to build a gravity fed water system.  This will supply a plant nursery with a constant supply of fresh water to ensure the successful regrowth of endemic species, which will eventually be replanted in the primary rainforest.  Alpha 4 has made quite a lot progress at Coupe 1 from;

clearing up the dam site


to setting up camera traps.


We’ve been speaking to one of our HCVs Ying to hear what she thinks about living and working in Coupe 1.

“Being in Coupe 1 and working there is a privilege because it’s a really nice and peaceful place to be. It’s also a great platform to learn more about how to conserve and protect the forest.”


“When working to install a gravity feed water system, we have to trek up to the water source. A rope has been installed as well as 30 steps. We had to clear up the pathway to make it easier to access for us to carry all the resources to do the work there. The gravity water feed system is about 400m high in the jungle. The reason why we are building a water gravity feed is to provide a reliable water source for the plant nursery to aid with Coupe 1s reforestation efforts.”


“We set up 6 camera traps over 2 days.  Before the group was divided into 2 teams, we were taught how to set it up the right way on the tree. The camera trap is installed a meter off the ground. This is to get a clear view of any animals that will be passing by the area.  The cameras that we are using are automatic cameras with an infrared sensor. The cameras will be checked in 4 weeks’ time; the mammals can then be identified using field guide books.”


“So far we I think are progressing well, lots of work is being done and we get along with each other brilliantly.  I’m really enjoying my time at Coupe 1.”


By, Tan Zhi Ying (HCV) Alpha 4

As they say it here in Malaysia, Selamat Malam (Goodnight) from Alpha 4

For our next blog, we’ll be checking up on Wash and TRCRC!

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