Where next?

22nd July 2014

BOR 14E TP FB Phase2Alpha1

On Saturday morning the venturers all arrived back at base camp for the first changeover. Over three days everyone had the chance to have a proper shower, clean clothes, catch up with old friends and share stories of their adventures so far.

On Sunday morning it was the moment everyone had been waiting for - allocations for the 10 and 7 week venturers!

Find out where everyone is going!

Alpha 1: Sonsogon Magandai; Solar panel transformer building.

BOR 14E TP FB Phase2Alpha1

Alpha 1 consists of Alice, Amelia, David, Dieter, Eleanor, Emily, James, Maggie, Matthew, Meera, Mees, Michael, Neville, Olivia, Rudolf, Stanley and Hazel. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Tom and Andrea and Admin Officer Sue.

Alpha 2: Kampung Lumou; Gravity fed water system and WASH programme.

BOR 14E TP FB Phase2Alpha2

Alpha 2 consists of Alex, Anne, Ariane, Ashish, Ben, Chew, Chloe, Claire, Daniel C, Daniel M, Irina, Joshua, Lucy, Nathan, Pieter, Sher and William. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Mike and Keith.

Alpha 3: Maliau Basin Conservation area; Trail build and maintenance.

BOR 14E TP FB Phase2Alpha3

Alpha 3 consists of Alexander, Connor, Courtney, Emily, Emma C, Emma H, Esther, Harriet, Kailesh, Kate, Kristie, Robert, Sherley, Sophie and William. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Angela and Keith and Communications Officer Victoria.

Alpha 4: Imbak Canyon; Trail maintenance and infrastructure.

BOR 14E TP FB Phase2Alpha4

Alpha 4 consists of Anouska, Eleanor P, Eleanor R, Ellen, Emma, Fergus, Harry, Katherine, Lewis, Nur, Ong, Ray, Samidul, Thomas and Flora. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Ceri and Katie.

Alpha 5: Pulau Mamutik/Long Pasia; Dive/trek.

BOR 14E TP FB Phase2Alpha5

Alpha 5 consists of Abigail, Alistair, Danielle, Elise, Emma, Fraser, Hamish, Jack, Kim, Li Shan, Rollo, Shela, Sophia and Liam. They will joined by Volunteer Managers Jerome and Liam.

Alpha 6: Long Pasia/Pulau Mamutik; Trek/dive.

BOR 14E TP FB Phase2Alpha6

Alpha 6 consists of Lloyd, Mathilda, Adam, Alyssa, Amber, Benjamin, Jacob, Oliver, Rhiannon, Sabila, Sophia and Liam. They will be joined by Volunteer Managers Gemma, Dave and Welly.

Good luck everyone!

Victoria Riley

communications Officer