Where will our project managers be working in Phase One?

6th February 2017

Alpha 1: Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Kampung Kinangkaban

Project Managers: Rosie, Joey, Natalie

Alpha 1 will be working in Kampung Kinanahkaban, which is located in the north of Sabah and has a population of about 500 individuals. The project will focus on improving access to, and quality of, water and sanitation services by upgrading the villages’ current gravity-fed water system. This will involve laying new pipes and installing storage tanks. Alongside this the team will be conducting awareness-raising sessions on basic hygiene practices and establishing a WASH maintenance committee to ensure the upkeep of the new systems.Project Managers


Alpha 2:  Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Kampung of Komburaon

Project Managers: Georgia, Luke, Cheryl

Alpha 2 will be working in the Kampung of Komburaon, which is located in the heart of Sabah in the Kota Belud district and has a population of around 222 individuals, across 40 households. We will be upgrading the current gravity-fed water system and also building new sanitation units, increasing the number of households with access to clean safe water and sanitation. To ensure the sustainability of the project we shall work in partnership with the community and our project partner to create a WASH committee, complete asset maps and baseline surveys.Project Managers


Alpha 3: Natural Resource Management, Danum Valley Conservation Area

Project Managers: Carley, Will, Moira

Alpha 3 will be continuing Raleigh’s work to build a new suspension bridge at the Danum Valley Conservation area, a class one protected forest reserve. This is a multi-expedition project, and 17A will be the third expedition continuing the work. Once constructed, the bridge will provide better access to the rainforest for researchers and other visitors. In addition the team will set up camera traps to help survey wildlife in the area, of which previous sightings include pigmy elephants and red leaf sunbears.


Alpha 4: Adventure Leadership Trek, Crocker Range

Project Managers: Dan and Kasey

Trek is our adventurer leadership phase which will see venturers trekking for 16 days through the Crocker Range, an area of rich plant diversity with outstanding views. Throughout the trek the team will be self-sufficient, carrying all supplies and moving camp each night, making this one of the most challenging phases both physically and mentally. Venturers will each get the chance to act as day leader allowing them to develop their leadership and team work skills whilst learning from each other about what makes a good leader.

Currently our project managers are visiting their respective project sites on Project Planning Visits (PPVs), check back later this week to see how they got on!

Looking Ahead;

9th February: Project Planning Visits uncovered

13th February: Venturers arrive and week of training begins

18th February: Phase one projects deploy


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