Women’s Appreciation Evening

19th March 2016

At around 3pm cooking began, all the men contributed with the cleaning and cutting of the vegetables, fire to cook on and collecting the necessary pots and pans.  Rahul showed off his cooking skills by making some excellent side dishes whilst the men in the community focused on cooking in the big pot firstly rice then chicken. Although the cooking was planned to be done solely by the men to give the women a well-deserved nights rest, this was very hard to maintain with us having to tell them to go and relax every time they would come over to try and help.


At 6.15pm the feast commenced, and the whole local community was in attendance with some even travelling from other communities to attend, around 40 people. We served the women first and then all ate the food together with good conservation to be had all round. After everyone was full Alex, Sukant and Vivic had to wrestle the washing up off some of the women who tried to sneakily do it.


After the washing was done the power went out meaning we had to conduct the rest of the activities under torch light. Earlier in the day some of the volunteers collected the thoughts of appreciation of the women they hold dear. These notes were presented by Niamh and Vivek after the meal and were well received. Callum and Samiskshya spoke about the inspiring lives of their own mothers in their respective communities back home to give the locals an insight into the different roles of women in different cultures. To finish the evening, Sophia read a poem that she wrote especially for the occasion.


This was a very enjoyable event, and even a bit emotional as the community spoke of their appreciation of our efforts to recognise the vital role these women play in the community. One of the village elders said “thank you, we have never celebrated this day before but from now on we will celebrate it every year and when we do we will think of all of you (Raleigh volunteers)”.

Written by UK Team Leader Aaron Lucid

Youth Economic Empowerment Nepal