Work Hard, Play Hard.

18th December 2017

Moreover, in a short amount of time our team has become relative ‘experts’ in the art of building poly tunnels. This involves tasks such as meticulously splitting bamboo as well as carefully planning the dimensions of the builds. Working closely with our host families in construction was a rewarding experience for the team. The immense work ethic displayed by the women of Adamar in particular was inspiring as well as contagious. Their enthusiasm and willingness to be involved at every stage of the project has made meeting our targets a genuine pleasure rather than a chore. With regards to community development this week, finally uploading the last of our surveys onto the team laptop was another huge achievement for us. Our temperamental laptop has caused a lot of headache for our team leaders. More importantly, our weekly film nights were also interrupted due to our dysfunctional electronics to the dismay of the volunteers. This situation meant that we had to become more resourceful in terms of evening entertainment. Our creative solution was to build an improvised ping pong table complete with a make shift net, paddles and balls. Our competitive nature quickly became exposed with heated matches almost every evening. After a labour-intensive week, we decided to treat ourselves to a day out. Half of the team visited a nearby waterfall, fully equipped with homemade aloo-paratha and guacamole. The other half of the team decided to go for a more ambitious hike to a secluded village on the opposite side of the valley from Adamar. The scenery was picturesque as always. Even after 6 weeks of living in the quaint Nepali hills, it is still very difficult to take the vibrant landscapes for granted. Being at the stage of our project where we can see our efforts produce tangible structures, such as polytunnels, goat sheds and chicken coups, has had a positive impact on the team morale. Personally, I  feel we have really excelled in finding the balance between work and play; this is evident in our recent successes and progress on and off the construction sites. Written By Simran November Charlie 8 Adamar, Makwanpur

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